Why you should choose a UK beach holiday

After a long, hard year what can be more healing than the sand between your toes and the sound of breaking waves? Let’s be honest, not much!

Which is why 2024 should be the year that you take a proper trip to the beach.

Of course, it’s hard to compete with the likes of Australia or the Seychelles in terms of scale and sun-factor. However, in many ways, the beaches of the UK can offer you a break that’s just as satisfying and relaxing – if not more – than those distant shores.

So put down the travel brochure, step away from the travel agency and find yourself some cheap holidays UK that will satisfy the call of the ocean. Still need convincing? Read on for just some of the benefits of choosing a beach staycation this year.

Waste less time on travel

Save yourself that dreaded early morning alarm and completely skip the drain of jetlag. If you choose a UK holiday destination then you can take it easy and make the journey to your accommodation at your own pace. No having to arrive at the airport three hours ahead of your flight!

Some holiday parks even have a policy of flexible arrival times which means you’re free to check in whenever you happen to pull up. So, take your time, enjoy a relaxed road trip over and save yourself a load of stress.

As much luggage as your car can carry

It’s certainly not a relaxing start to your holiday when you’re trying to force your full suitcase to zip up and praying that it won’t tip the scales that little bit too far for the airline weight limit. So why not do away with those worries altogether?

When your destination is a UK beach the only limits on your luggage are what will fit into your car. You can put away the measuring tape and feel free to pack whatever suitcase of bags you’d like to bring, safe in the knowledge that you’ll still have all the room you need for souvenirs too.

Avoid paperwork hassles

Got less than six months left on your passport? Or has it even expired already? Never fear, you won’t need it where you’re going!

Leave that passport sitting in the drawer and gathering dust for a little longer this year and skip the worry of trying to get it renewed in time to head to the airport.

Plus, if you choose a UK staycation then there’s no need to figure out if you need a visa or any other paperwork to make it out of the airport on the other end.

No dogs left behind

While pet passports do exist now, they’re really a lot of extra expense and hassle to add onto your holiday prep. Nobody likes having to fill out more forms than they absolutely have to!

On the other hand, you don’t need any additional paperwork to simply have your dog jump in the car and bring them along on a UK beach holiday.

There are a lot of pet-friendly accommodation options around, such as the St Ives Bay holiday park which adjoins onto Godrevy beach in Cornwall. Perfect for taking your dog straight onto the sands for some early morning walkies.

Fewer wallet worries

Even putting aside flights, an international holiday comes with a lot of hidden extra costs that can quickly burn through your budget. But if you stay in the UK you don’t have to worry about any card charges for withdrawing cash or foreign transaction fees.

Not only that, but you won’t have to deal with any of the hassle of dealing with currency exchange. It’s much easier to keep track of what you’re spending – and how your budget’s hanging in there – when you don’t have to do the mental math to figure out what the cost is in pounds instead of pesos.

And that’s only scratching the surface of all the ways that a UK staycation is a better choice for you to consider in 2024. If you’ve been convinced then get searching, find the area that suits you best and sort your perfect UK beach break today.


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