Sneak peak at the Aldi Easter range of Eggs, Chocolate and Bakery

It is always a good day when you are asked to try the new Aldi range for Easter. I jumped at the chance and headed straight into London to try out everything and take many pictures and video tour as well!

Some of these products are available now in store and some are coming on 28th March. And there are come really special treats coming, different to anything you have seen before for Easter.

 Aldi Easter Range

First stop was bakery and Hot Cross Buns

Aldi have a huge range of hot cross buns with some really different flavours. As well as the traditional fruity hot cross buns there was salted caramel, rhubarb and custard, blueberry and red berry. I tried the salted caramel, my current favourite flavour, which was ever so good. I highly recommend!

Aldi Easter range

And something I have never seen before was chocolate hot cross buns. Hollow chocolate buns, something a bit different. There was also a beautiful selection of fudge. I love fudge so had to taste each of the flavours available. I wasn’t so keen on lemon, but did love clotted cream. 

Aldi Easter range

The Main Event – The chocolate – Adults section

The first stop for chocolate was the adults section, with so many special eggs, fair trade and handcrafted. The first egg was the rippled hand painted egg. The colours were beautiful with purples and pinks. There were three versions with white, milk and dark chocolate. This was closely followed by cocoa bean shaped eggs, and was probably my favourite tasting egg. And as if by magic it was in my goodie bag that I took home with me.

Aldi Easter range

The highlights of the event were the chocolate ruby and birdcage. The ruby was a huge ruby chocolate gem shape. Ruby chocolate is a fourth taste of chocolate, tasting a bit like sweet dried fruit. It was good and so beautiful. I would love to be gifted this egg for Easter.

Aldi Easter range

The birdcage was another brilliant standout product, handmade and made from Belgian chocolate. I wouldn’t want to break it up and eat it!

Aldi Easter range

Then there was the biggest egg I have ever seen! The ostrich egg, bigger than an actual ostrich egg I would say. Made of white chocolate which tasted yummy. But I definitely could not eat all the chocolate from this in one go!

Aldi Easter Range

There was still more to come. There was very delicious half and half eggs, with two sides of different flavours and then some very colourful godiva like eggs. A rainbow of colourful eggs that will set you back £4.99 rather than £19.99.


Aldi Easter Range

The chocolate – Children’s section

There was a brilliant range of goodies for children and was separated into sections for younger children and for older. There were unicorns and dinosaurs for the children, although I would quite like a pink unicorn. Also of course, there was a large range of branded eggs, which Aldi will of course be selling at the lowest price on the market. Of course a 

Aldi Easter Range


I loved the teenage range with eggs like popping candy, jelly bean or cookies and cream (oreo dupe) eggs. I will definitely be getting one each of these for my older boys. Or maybe the giant ostrich egg!

Aldi Easter range

Other exciting highlights included a vegan egg, a perfect treat if you don’t eat dairy. It was dark chocolate which I must confess isn’t my favourite flavour. I am totally more of white chocolate or ruby girl. And of course there was beautiful flowers and rainbow coloured pussy willow branches, that I will absolutely be getting!

For a video tour hop on over to my YouTube channel to see everything. So sorry you can’t taste it as well.

This is a collaborative post with Aldi, with whom I work with regularly on Mrs Mummypenny. 


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