September goals and targets – This S@@T gets real

I don’t normally write goal posts on here and share my inner most business secrets. I like to merrily carry on with own private goals or maybe that I have shared with a few of my close blogging buddies. This month feels different, I feel that I need to hold myself a bit more accountable to certain targets.

September goals and targets

Self-care. Health and Fitness

Im starting with this goal as it forms the basis for making everything else work with fluidity and passion.


The exercise regime that I started back in January of three things per week, one personal training session with Kane at No-Bull Fitness, one Body Coach HIIT class, followed by yoga and one four to five mile run is back flowing again. This stopped as the summer holiday kicked off so has to start again. Exercise 100% makes me feel better.

september goals and targets

Daily meditation

My intention is to spend at least 5 minutes as early as possible each day meditating. I am determined to get into the practise and for it become part of my daily routine. I will be returning to completing my Note to Self journal, another thing that stopped for the summer holidays. This encourages me to do my daily meditation. I highly recommend the Note to Self Journal and you can save yourself 10% by using the code ‘mrsmummypenny’ when purchasing.

Healthy Eating

My diet has been so bad over the summer holidays. It all started on holiday where I completely went for it and ate whatever I wanted. There was lots of baguettes, cheese and gin, lets say. I know I have put on weight as I can feel my trousers are tighter. I actually took the plunge and weighed myself. Not to destroy myself mentally but I just wanted to know what 6 weeks of food destruction had done to my weight. 8 lbs on.

I am back on it following the Do The Unthinkable food plan from muscle foods this week, all my food has been sent to me and its all super tasty and easy to prepare. Lots of protein rich food, energy boosting and feels very healthy. I have had a slight problem with a little habit of a bowl of cereal in the evening which has to stop but apart from that I have been doing well. Check out my Instastories for lots of snaps every day of the food I am eating.

I would really like to lose that 8lbs I have put on over the summer holidays.

Mrs Mummypenny Targets


I have a few September targets that I will hit! Firstly its to hit 25k sessions for the month. My traffic has been steadily increasing particularly from May to July/Aug. I have had a major SEO review (for lots more on SEO check out this post from La Blog Beaute) which has resulted in a huge increase in traffic and this mission continues into September. So if you are reading this goals post maybe you can help by sharing one of my popular posts? I would be mostest grateful.

How about one of these posts that are consistently in my top 10 and most read posts.

How to Survive the Salary drop of  Maternity Leave

Complaining to BT and cancel your contract with no penalty

How to save £7,500 in 6 months

Confessions of a personal finance blogger

Why this target? It will mean I can apply to Mediavine, an advertising network that will generate around 10 times more monthly income than current Adsense ads. This will generate a valuable passive income stream.


I have a big aim here that may take a few months to build up. I want to build up cash flow reserves of £10k, so retained profits of at least 10k sat in my business accounts. This will cover me in tougher cash flow times and I won’t have the stress I have had this summer trying to cover everything.

My Time

My time is so precious. I feel so grateful to have Kirsty helping me with lots of extra work on my website and it also makes my time so much more valuable as I am paying her. I want to be spending my time doing the good stuff, creating content, negotiating with and talking to brands. My priority is to spend time with my boys. What I cannot be doing is giving away my time for free, so its time to be stricter with my diary and work life balance.

I am doing a grand job with Mrs Mummypenny and its allowing me to live the life I want to live. If you are wondering how I am doing it and want to pick my brains feel free to set up a chat over skype. My version of a glass of prosecco and a chat.

We can talk content, pitching, pricing, social media, networking, negotiating, anything to do with commercials and how I got my business to the point of earning more money than my senior corporate management job.

You can pay £95 for this session via Paypal and I will be in touch to arrange a time. Just make sure you have a glass of prosecco ready! [wpecpp name=”Buy Now” price=”95.00″ align=”center”]





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6 Responses

  1. Fab goals, many of them are very similar to mine this month. I’m desperately in need of getting back into a routine and some good habits after the fun of the summer months. Best of luck with them, I’ll look forward to reading about how you get on!

    1. Wonderful Ruth, yes back to routine and normality. Ive been doing well with exercise, but maybe not so great with eating:-(

  2. I love these Lynn! If you are planning to continue sharing your monthly goals, you should join a linky I am hosting with Charlotte Musha. All the details are on my goals post, I know you know how it works 🙂 I’ll make sure to do some sharing to help you hit 25k! Good luck!

  3. Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for the shoutout. We would love to have you join us at Mediavine. As you mentioned, our threshold is 25k sessions within a 30 day period, which you’ll quickly reach if you keep creating great content like this!
    Good luck on your goals and we’ll see you soon.
    — Susannah at Mediavine

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