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Save Money on Designer Luxury Goods

My website is all about saving money. I will always look for ways to save on every day expenses like food shopping, energy bills or car insurance. Then with those savings I like to spend them on something special. That might be a holiday or a nice meal or a designer handbag. In just 3 weeks’ time we jet off to Las Vegas for a holiday to celebrate my 40th birthday one those lovely treats we have saved up for. I have also written a wish list for my 40th birthday, 40 things to do before turning 40 which included, maybe, the purchase of another Prada handbag. How I would love to save some money on the purchase of a handbag.

Well now you can! I have discovered a website where you can buy fabulous pre-owned designer bags, watches, jewellery and art. Meaning you can make a saving on your desired luxury good compared to the prices from the shop where you buy brand new.


There are currently around 90 bags available from Louis Vuitton to Hermes and to Prada. Although just the one Prada available and it’s not really to my taste or budget, still very pricey! I love browsing through to see what is available and what I might like to dream about owning. I have a thing for handbags being an owner of Dior (see the featured image!), Prada and Louis Vuitton bags.


There are also watches for sale with so many brands available at great prices. Why not find the watch you wanted in a jewellers then see if it’s available here? 0% finance is also available on purchases. There is a large selection of Rolex and Cartier in particular with all the other brands with lots of models available, Brietling, Tag and Omega.

Hubby has been keen on getting a watch for years now. He wanted one as a wedding gift thinking that it wasn’t very fair that I got the engagement ring and he got nothing. He still hasn’t got a watch yet though!


The jewellery on offer is pure luxury diamonds, emeralds, platinum and gold. The photos are stunning, it worth taking a look.

Sell your luxury goods

The website also offers a service where they can sell your luxury goods for you. I am currently thinking about selling a few designer handbags, in fact the Christian Dior bag featured is one I am looking to sell, so am interested to see if they can sell my bags for me for a nice amount. I would like to see how it compares to eBay where I would have sold before discovering this site.

As with all big purchases make sure you can afford them before making the purchase. This is a collaborative post.


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