Review of Rightly Save – A New Service to Help Save Time and Money on Insurance renewals 

Having a solid budget is the basis of being in control of your finances. This will include an understanding of your regular bills. I have a super helpful new service to introduce to you, to help with organisation and costs of all your insurance bills from Rightly.

I want to introduce Rightly Save to you, explain how it works, how it can save you time, and give you valuable information that could help save you money. Always a good thing!

Getting the best deal on Insurance is a key part of Budgeting.

When guiding people on their budgeting, one important step I recommend is to ensure that they have the best deal on their various insurance policies. Many of us still just let the renewal quote come and go and let our insurance roll over from one year to the next, meaning that far too many of us are paying more than we should. Renewal quotes are often more expensive than the previous year and you can often save by doing a comparison and switching to a different insurance provider. But how on earth do you remember all the renewal dates?

Rightly Save is here to help with insurance renewals, providing you with all the information at your fingertips with policy information such as: insurance provider names/types and renewal dates. They will email you at the appropriate date when it’s time to investigate your policy so you never have to miss a renewal date and the chance to save. 

A Few minutes to Set Up

Getting at all this key insurance information takes just a few minutes on the Rightly website. Get organised with all the key policy information, renewal dates, and insurance companies. Stay on top of renewals by not becoming uninsured or not paying too much. And never miss a saving as Rightly Save will remind you when your policies are up for renewal.

Stage 1 is to click on the Get Organised section of the Right Save website page. You will then be prompted to sign-in to your Microsoft or Google email account as part of Google and Microsoft’s authentication process and to give permission to Rightly (that has been approved by Google and Microsoft) to analyse your emails.  But, don’t worry – no emails are actually being read. The Rightly Save robots then get to work crunching through your emails from the past thirteen months, searching only for insurance policies emails and the key information from within them.

Within a couple of minutes, you’ll see the wheel updating with policies found and then you’ll get a summary screen of all of your policies hidden in the depths of your email. If you’re anything like me, my emails are a mess of hundreds of unorganised chaos, so to find all my insurance details in the space of a few minutes is amazing!

Rightly Save found my car, house, travel, and health insurance. All with the current provider information and renewal dates. All the information was correct and is now set up to provide me with a timely reminder to check my policies and renew or switch to get a better price.

Just a note about data as Rightly prides itself on data integrity, they take great care to ensure that data is totally safe and never compromised, no emails are ever kept, and the policy information is encrypted.

A bit more information with questions customers have asked.

Why do I need to sign in to my Google or Microsoft account?

Rightly Save works currently on these two main email providers, being the most common. signing into your account that you have policies in, is so that Rightly Save can access the email information to search for the insurance details. Rightly never get your password, only your permission to perform certain explicit actions that Google and Microsoft will list out to you when connecting to the service.

What if Rightly Save can’t find all my policies?

Perhaps your insurance policies aren’t in your Microsoft or Google account or it might be that your insurance company hasn’t been onboarded into the Rightly Save database yet.  Or, perhaps you have deleted the insurance policy email. The good news is you can manually add your insurance details to Right Save to ensure that you get a reminder.

A bit more about Insurance

It’s important to review renewals before the automatic payment is taken. Insurance companies rely on customers taking the easy option of auto-renewal and are often impacted by loyalty fees, the insurance policy gets more and more expensive as each year passes. Do check your car, home, and travel insurance policies every year and switch to likely save.

You can sign up to Rightly Save here.

This is a collaborative post with Rightly.


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