My Favourite UK Money Bloggers and Why You Should Read their blogs

Favourite UK Money Bloggers

The UK Money Bloggers are a community who inspire each other, collaborate and share each other’s content. There are so many different niches, some are frugal, some are mummies, some are investment specialists, some are bargain hunters, some are foodies, some are students. There is a blog in the community for everyone. I love the mixture of skills and whenever I have any questions there are plenty of experts to help.

And we’re not just bloggers, there are YouTube content creators, Instagram influencers, members with HUGE Facebook groups, podcasters and engaging Twitter accounts. You can consume the best money saving content in so many ways.

We have an annual UK Money Blogger SHOMO Awards which I was so so honoured to win an award at the 2020 awards (and the 2017 awards!), Best Family Money Blog is Mrs Mummypenny. I was also a judge for two awards, so have spent much time going through blogs. This means I have some new favourites to add to my list of best blogs (and social media!).

A bit about me first;-)

I write about all things personal finance from day to day money saving tips to financial freedom and offer much guidance and tips based on real life experience to help others. I also write about healthy wealth, body and mind. 100% I believe that these three subjects are inextricably linked and affect each other greatly. BUT if we could have contentment in all three areas then life would be pretty great, right? I understand that it is a challenge to be happy in all three areas but it’s totally possible.

I have written a book The Money Guide to Transform Your Life, published in 2020, a total lockdown project. Everything you need to transform your day to day finances including paying off debt, along with working towards financial freedom. The whole money journey is in here along with lots of personal stories and life experience.

My Favourite UK Money Bloggers and Why You Should Read their blogs

Here is my thank you to my favourite UK Money Bloggers and why you should go read their wonderful websites.

Faith Archer – Much More with Less

Faith and I met in real life at an Experian event in the summer of 2016, we got to eat beautiful food, drink incredible wine and discussed making big next steps with Experian at the top of the Gherkin. It was an incredible event that prompted me to write my first book Blogging Your Way to Riches.

Faith is a personal finance journalist and blogger and very successfully combines the two. She writes personal finance content for newspapers and magazines and writes her very successful blog Much More with Less. She was also the winner of two awards at the 2020 UK Money Blogger SHOMO Awards, Best Investing Blog and Best Frugal Blog.

Her gift of knowledge and time to me has been incredible. Both personally with my debt and budgeting, also professionally, proof reading important pieces of work and offering general commercial and moral guidance. She writes beautifully about some of the dullest finance topics but keeps me reading until the end. Quite a talent.

Listen to the podcast we recorded in early 2020 talking about new year finances with many top tips for saving on a day to day basis and for the longer term.

Damien Fahy – Money to the Masses

I remember first meeting Damien at a money blogger event in 2015. He was funny, didn’t take finance too seriously, and had a powerful mission and reason for starting his website. Damien used to work in the city (as did I!), and was on the other side, working in banking, making lots of money making rich people even richer.

He knew there was more to life and set up his website which he worked on every evening after work. It wasn’t too long before Damien was able to quit his corporate job and follow his dream of bringing money to the masses not just money to the rich folk.

He writes and talks about financial planning, pensions, investment with clarity and humour. His content is real and balanced, and it is my go to website when researching investment/ pension brands and products.  And he gives great advice and guidance when needed, with sarcasm and humour!

Hollie Hutchinson – Thrifty Mum

A like minded mummy who loves to grab a freebie, have a fun and inexpensive day out with the family and really loves a competition. Check out Hollie’s blog Thrifty Mum for everything you need to know about family fun, particularly if you have little ones.

Hollie is the personal finance and consumer expert of the Channel 4 ‘Stephs Packed Lunch show’. See her every week or so sharing her bargain deals and generally living the best life ever in what looks like the most fun TV show!

Pete Matthew – Meaningful Money

Pete is kindred spirit whom I met via an interview on the wonderful One Giant Leap podcast series from Damian at Money To The Masses. He lives in Penzance, so I immediately reached out and we discovered he actually lives around the corner from my sister!

Pete is wonderful friend, advisor and collaborator. We catch up often to download our goals, objectives and struggles and help each other. 

He has the most successful podcast, another winner at the 2020 UK Money Bloggers Awards, and I have had the pleasure of being interviewed twice on! Listen to me talk about the growth of Mrs Mummypenny, and how to make money from a blog here. He knows money inside out and communicates it in the most simple way. I love his work. 

Jordon Cox of Jordon

Jordon has been on the money saving and coupon scene for eight years. He started with an incredibly successful Facebook group and went hugely viral for getting a shopping trolley full of stuff worth £100 for 3p (or something similar!). He had a good stint working at Money Saving Expert and then set up his own blog at the beginning of 2020.

His blog is amazing. Packed with the best money saving content, always up to date, he is my go to person for any kind of deal. And he is a wonderful person and friend. We chat often about content, business ideas and commercials.

Listen to this podcast where I interviewed him early 2020 and hear his incredible story. He is going places, I’m telling you! Oh and he also won best new blog at the 2020 UK Money Bloggers Awards

Katie Royals of The Twenty Percent

Katie’s blog, The Twenty Percent, was another that I recently discovered when judging the 2020 UK Money Blogger Awards. I was immediately struck with impressive writing and well researched content. Katie is a financial journalist as her ‘day job’ so it made complete sense to set up this blog and it’s a good one.

She focussed on finance content for the younger (than me!), millennial generations. There is brilliant content on areas like buying your first home, ethical investing, bang up-to-date Covid-19 finances.

Maria Nedeva – The Money Principle

Maria is unique. A woman whom speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to disagree. She is incredible and such an inspiration. I interviewed her on the Mrs Mummypenny Talks podcast and learnt so much new information about her. She is an incredibly well-educated woman who (in my view also) believes that education propels you forward in life. She has made a few financial mistakes but has made bigger successes learning from those. And she has turned her biggest financial learning into a book – Never Bet on Red – How to pay off debt fast and live debt free forever. She will absolutely one day set up an incredible foundation giving back to the world she has lived in.

She run two websites, the Money Principle is the main blog where you can read all sort of brilliant content. Including about repayment of her £100k of consumer debt through to how she has invested in small business and made a fabulous return.

I really hope that you enjoy all the content, podcasts and social media from these incredible list of UK Money Bloggers! They are an incredible and inspirational group of experts.


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