My Favourite UK Money Bloggers and Why You Should Read their blogs

Favourite UK Money Bloggers

I am part of the UK Money Bloggers community. I write about financial freedom and offer guidance and tips based on personal experience to help others. To add into the mix, I write about healthy wealth, body and mind. I 100% believe that the three subjects are inextricably linked and affect each other greatly. BUT if we could have contentment in all three areas then we would be happy. I understand that it is a challenge to be happy in all three areas but its possible right? Personally I am on this journey, and am working my way towards it and want to share my story.

My Favourite UK Money Bloggers and Why You Should Read their blogs

The UK Money Bloggers are a community who inspire each other, collaborate and share each other’s content. We all have a slightly different niche, some are frugal, some are mummies, some are investment specialists, some are bargain hunters, some are foodies, some are students. I love the mixture of skills and whenever I have any questions there are plenty of experts to help.

Here is my thank you to my favourite UK Money Bloggers and why you should go read their wonderful websites.

Faith Archer – Much More with Less

I got to properly meet Faith at an Experian event in the summer of 2016, we got to eat beautiful food and drink beautiful wine and discuss making big next steps with Experian at the top of the Gherkin. It was a lovely event and prompted me to get going with the writing of my first book Blogging Your Way to Riches.

Faith is a journalist and blogger and very successfully combines the two. She writes personal finance content for newspapers and magazines and writes her very successful blog Much More with Less.

Her giving of knowledge and time to me has been incredible. Both personally with my debt and budgeting and professionally, proof reading important pieces of work and offering general commercial and moral guidance. She writes beautifully about some of the dullest finance topics but keeps me reading until the end. Quite a talent.

Damien Fahy – Money to the Masses

I remember first meeting Damien at a money blogger event. He was funny, didn’t take finance too seriously, and had a powerful mission and reason for starting his website. Damien used to work in the city (as did I!), and was on the other side, working in banking, making lots of money making rich people even richer.

He knew there was more to life and set up his website which he worked on every evening after work. The website was built it to a point, or saved enough money, to quit his job and follow his dream of bring money to the masses not just money to the rich folk.

He writes and talks about financial planning, pensions, investment with clarity and humour. His content is real and balanced, and it is my go to website when researching investment/ pension brands and products.  And he gives great advice and guidance when needed, with sarcasm and humour!

Pete Matthew – Meaningful Money

Pete is kindred spirit whom I met via an interview on the wonderful One Giant Leap podcast series from Damian at Money To The Masses. He lives in Penzance, so I immediately reached out and we discovered he actually lives s tone throw from my sister!

Pete is wonderful friend, advisor and collaborator. We catch up every month or so and download our goals, objectives and struggles and help each other. 

He has the mostest successful podcast, that I have had the pleasure of being interviewed on. He knows money inside out and communicates it in the most simple way. I love his work. 

Kirsty Holden of the Money Saving Mum

Kirsty and I met early 2018. She was new to the UK Money Blogger scene and reached out to me via a 1-2-1 coaching program I was trying out. We talked for 45 mins about her blog and social media and how she could make more money and how she could give up her day job that she hated.

Roll on August and she has done just that. After that coaching session Kirsty worked out her calling and has set up as a VA to bloggers and small business. Helping with anything they need, SEO, images, Pinterest, website admin, audits, improvement to website, social media management, editing, newsletters. And she does a grand job helping me out with all these things. Let’s talk results…my natural search views have increased by 40% from the quarter before Kirsty started compared to the quarter afterwards. The best thing is weight lifted from my shoulders with the extra help she gives me meaning I have more time to focus on creating brilliant content and negotiating exciting projects and campaigns. If you need help check out Kirsty’s Better your blog site.

Check out her YouTube channel. She is really very good at vlogging and edited many of my vlogs too😉

Maria Nedeva – The Money Principle

Maria is unique. A woman whom speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to disagree. She is incredible and such an inspiration. I recently interviewed her on the Mrs Mummypenny Talks podcast and learnt so much new information about her. She is an incredibly well-educated woman who (in my view also) believes that education propels you forward in life. She has made a few mistakes but has made bigger successes learning from those mistakes. And she will set up an incredible foundation giving back to the world she has lived in. inspirational indeed.

She run two websites, the Money Principle is the main blog where you can read all sort of brilliant content from how she repaid her £100k of consumer debt to how she has invested in small business and made a fabulous return.

Emma Maslin – The Money Whisperer

Emma is more of newbie blogger, but has such a similar background to me, we were destined to be blogger friends. A fellow accountant with a professional background and mummy to young children. Emma knows her stuff and can write brilliantly, missing up more in-depth financial writing about planning, pensions and investments to holidays, days out with kids and money saving tips. Go read the Money Whisperer.

We chat every now and again about blogging woes. She has helped me out with advice after a particularly difficult client and when I had a very nasty troll attack me. The advice and rationalisation was essential to me coping with both situations and I will always appreciate the time taken to speak to me.

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  1. BUT if we could have contentment in all three areas then we would be happy. I understand that its challenge to be happy in all three areas but its possible right? I am working my way towards it and want to share my story.

  2. Inspiring and full of information & ideas. Money matters are not taught in schools. I am glad that there is a Blogger Community out here willing to help and share. Great list but Mrsmummypenny is definitely my favourite.

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