Money is the root of all evil! Guest post from Kim Boudreau Smith

Money is the root of all evil!

How many times have you heard this or even said this yourself?

It takes luck to have a lot of money! (Oh boy)

If only I could win the lottery. (Wishing upon a star, here?)

Money doesn’t grow on trees! (No s**t, Sherlock!)

Our Money Mindset is so very unhealthy. We love money, want and crave more money, and do crazy things for money. We wish upon a star, buy lottery tickets, over-spend, and hang-on too tight to our money, and we are still inside and upside down over money. And some even hate money! What is up with all of this?

Money is Just Paper

First of all let me say, money is just paper, yes paper with a lot of power. We, humans, give it so much power, a lot of negative power and a lot of positive as well. We feel money will buy us happiness, freedom and so much more, however, what about right now, in this very moment? If I gave you a million dollars, what would you do? What store can you buy happiness and freedom in? There isn’t any. Your happiness, gratitude, and freedom begins right here and now! When we are grateful for what we have NOW instead of wanting more NOW, really “carmelizing” this given moment, MORE WILL COME!  Now I understand at the end of the day we do need money to eat, pay bills and such but why do we have such an unhealthy relationship around this?

Shhh, we cannot share how much we make, shhh, do not talk about our debt, shhh, we have an image to uphold here. Get another credit card to pay off the other credit card, charge that vacation, got to have the designer handbag, shop until we drop, go out to eat until we explode (are you getting the picture here, yet?)

Our upbringing, parents, and society has played such a part how we are with money. People feel money is so evil when in fact it really isn’t. It is our mindset that is. “They are so greedy” “they are lucky that’s why they make so much money” “if only I could win the lottery my life would be great” “oh they are in it for the money” WOW! No wonder we have such debt and issues with money, lack mentality, and fear as well.

We spend to keep up with the Jones, we hang on to our money for a raining day, but we should be really enjoying right where we are at AND tithing our earnings. When we give we receive far more back. Take a look at Mother Teresa, very wealthy in so many ways, but a lot would say she was so poor!

Could you give it all up?

Could you give it all up? What about walking away from it all? Hold on, please do not start freaking out, however, and think about this: Our money really isn’t ours. We are here to just work hard, make money, and tithe a percent of with our income. We are to thrive not survive in this life and I feel that is difficult when we are so unhealthy in other areas.

Taking our mindset, behaviors, and patterns and changing them how we look at money is a great place to begin.

  1. Wanting money isn’t greedy, it is how you go about this. If all of your decisions are based upon money, you will not last long. Money can come and go very fast, our love and passion for something can last a lifetime.
  2. Letting go of the “keeping up with the Jones” the Joneses do not run your life, you do and it is your choice how what, when and where you do things for you and your family. Living beyond your means and getting in over your head creates stress, ruins marriages (maybe its time to consider some counceling), and quite frankly destroys so much. (Please note, it isn’t the money here, it is Human actions, behaviors, and mindsets-unhealthy)
  3. Living for the Lottery, you are releasing the control of your life and wishing upon a star. (Yes I said control when we need to manage it)

Cut out one thing this week that you have been spending too much money on, Starbucks, dinner, shopping for yet another handbag or pair of shoes. (Guilty!!!) Just one thing, easy peasy!

Money Awareness

Begin to work on your awareness around money: (He/She makes more than me; it takes luck and hard work to make money; He/She touches everything and it turns to Gold…) Place a jar in a common area in your home and get some marbles or dried peas and every time you think these thoughts place your marble or pea in the jar. Do this for a week, see where you are at in one week.  I bet your thoughts will begin to change very soon.

Tally up your earnings and find a non-profit to tithe your income. We are meant to give, serve and pay-it-forward for others. Ten percent is a good rule to go by, however, don’t stress if you cannot go to 10 % right away, but I bet you can find dollars that you have been spending (Starbucks) and your 10% will add up fast.

Sell those items in your closet on EBay that you are not using, designer handbags and such. Next time you have that urge to go shopping ask yourself: Do I really need this or is this just a quick fix to something else?

These are just some small suggestions to begin. I suggest if you have debt to get in touch with a money manager and put a plan of action together to pay those off along with budgeting and spending habits. Make sure someone can keep help you stay accountable.

Remember, we receive what we chase and worry about, change that to what you want, the big picture and then put the steps into place.  And please do not expect to have all of this conquered by Friday. Set some healthy timelines and boundaries. Learn to say no and you cannot go wrong here.

And remember…GRATITUDE!

“Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head.”  A. R. Rahman

Kim and I have been working together on her blog, shes keen to make it a success as quickly as possible so I have been sharing my blogging and commercial knowledge with her to get things going as quickly as possible. I love our conversations and learn so much from this amazing woman.

You can follow her on Instagram (her fav channel), Facebook and Twitter. Please do check out her Instagram feed, its beautiful.


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2 Responses

  1. The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil is the quote I believe the author was thinking of. Money Doesn’t Buy You Love is another quote.

    Maybe we do need to be sensible when it comes to money. But, just how do we do that? Maybe we need to understand it’s value, purpose, etc. As the author mentions we need money in order to buy food. Without food we die. So Poverty can be detrimental to life. So how do we source money, author mentions work. By this does she mean paid employment. As not everyone is in paid employment, yet we all need food in order to live.

    Is it possible that we NEED to be Educated in Matters of Money, Finances, etc. If so, when should that start? Well before adulthood would be a good idea.

    Maybe Wealth should be associated to more things than money. The author suggests this with her mention of Mother Theresa. Maybe we do need to count our Blessings.

    Money Management seems to be a huge ISSUE. We need food to live, how do we source that? We need Shelter. How do we source that? Seems these priorities very much need to be addressed. As there are people who are needy, poor, hungry, homeless, etc.

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