Monday Money #88 Free Art Gallery in London

Its half term and I am time poor so I am going to keep this post short and sweet this week! Already the boys are moaning that they want to go out and do something, please let mummy work for just a few hours. Its only Monday!

I have dug out this post I wrote many years ago with lots of free ideas for half term, I particularly like the use of recycling to create a knights costume!! Take a read and see if it sparks any ideas to help you have a free day of entertainment this half term!

Here are my money saving adventures from last week!

A visit to the Tate Modern

I had a day in London meeting clients on Wednesday, all of my meetings were in the Southwalk/London Bridge area and I had big gap between meeting. The perfect place to stop for a wander was the Tate Modern. A totally free art gallery in London to explore (note there is always a paid entry exhibition, but I didn’t go there!). 

Free Art Gallery in London

I am a huge fan of abstract art and love to explore the often bizarre pieces of art, trying to understand what the art is, what does it mean? People watching is the best in this place, its always a different mix of people that visit the Tate Modern.

I made my way to 6th floor of the building to sit overlooking the Thames with a Aperol Spritz, not free, but very good.

Free Art Gallery in London

Auto-Savings With Chip

I am back on the auto-savings wagon again with Chip. At the end of January I had to pull out my balance for an emergency, but am already back up to a balance of £90, my plan is to have Christmas 2020 paid for.

The free £10 offer if you open a Chip account is still available. Chip decided to let me carry on promoting the offer after so many of you reader took up the offer. Just sign up to get the app here, and don’t forget to add the code Mummypenny10 to ensure you get your free £10 bonus.

Chip works by analysing your spend after you link up your regularly used bank account and auto-saves without you noticing. The money goes to a an account help at Barclays and builds up with small and manageable savings amounts. It does everything for you and before long you end up with a lovely amount of cash stashed away.

Meeting Baga Chipz

My highlight of last week was meeting Baga Chipz from Ru Pauls Drag Race . I was waiting for friends and bumped into Baga outside the restaurant! We had a great chat about life after drag race and how much of a difference it has made to her life. And she recorded a video message for Dylan, Baga was both of our favourites to win.

In The Press

It was a busy week for press appearance last week, I was in two newspapers, plus features on Motley Fool website. The FT weekend wrote an article about money influencers on Instagram and featured me. So good to appear in the pink pages again.

I was in The Sun talking about my experience of identity fraud and the steps we all need to take to stop it. It is so important to keep an eye on your credit file for anything suspicious.

And then I was featured in a list of top money blogs on the Motley Fool website. They highlighted my focus on body and mind. 



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