Monday Money – 82 Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

I am back with my regular Monday Money post with a bang for 2020. How are you, how was the festive period? Are you, like me, glad its all over?!

I had a nice break with minimal posting on Mrs Mummypenny. We had a lovely few days with the family in Cornwall and then had a quiet new year. I have been trying to keep the costs down this new year along with healthy eating. 

Happy New Year 2020

Chip Auto-save

Firstly I have to tell you about a brilliant savings offer that I talked about on New Years Day on here. I have been using Chip, an auto-savings tool for around two years now. Its a very simple app that allows you to auto-save money from your bank account without you having to think about it. I am not touching my chip account this year and letting the balance build up to pay for Christmas next year. Read more about Chip in this post here.

Sign up to Chip using this link and code Mummypenny10 and you will get a £10 bonus added to your savings after you have set up your account and two auto-saves have happened. This is an affiliate link and I will receive a £5 payment if you set up account. Thank you if you do this.

Mindful chef

I have decided to try the mindful chef dinner boxes. Before Christmas I was spending a small fortune at co-op getting unhealthy convenience food. I am hopeful that the mindful chef food will keep me away from the convenience food and will also save me money. No more daily trips for bread, crisps and chocolate.

Mindful chef is healthy food but conveniently boxed up for ease of making at home. I have started with an offer which reduces the weekly cost down to £17 per week for two weeks. I am ordering 2 meals for 2 people which was a cheaper option than 4 meals for 1 person. The regular weekly price is £27. This will be much less than the too frequent visits to the co-op.

Plus I get to try some different meal options, cooking dinner will feel exciting. If you fancy trying out Mindful chef I have a refer a friend offer where you will save £20 off your first box, I will also get a £20 credit applied to my account. Definitely worth trying it out, even if you end up cancelling after the first week! 

Happy New Year 2020

This is one of the first meals I have ordered, hot smoked salmon with balsamic drizzle and greens. Mmmm. This is not my picture, I must point out, I’ll share mine on Instagram!

New bras

Along with my healthy eating comes a return to exercise and sorting out my body. My recent weight gain has meant that my sports bras were just too uncomfortably tight. And I was using this as an excuse to not exercise. Off I went to my favourite bra fitting place, Clare at The Fitting Room, and got myself a brand new sport bra, just one cup size bigger and a regular bra for every day wear too.

Clare knows her stuff, she can just look at you and know your bra size! I tried on a few to ensure the fit and styles were good and walked away a happy customer. And now a lot more comfortable in my bras.

Herpotherm [ad]

I have to let you know about a new cold sore treatment that I tried out just before Christmas and shared on my blog. It is new heat based treatment where you give the cold sore tingle a heat blast for 3 seconds. Do this a few times and the tingle goes away and no cold sore develops. This is a life saver for me who regularly gets cold sores. Have a read of this post and see what you think.

I write Monday Money every week and share my money saving ways along with Mrs Mummypenny content I have shared recently. The posts may be sponsored, which I will indicate with [ad] or may be affiliate links where I receive a payment or a credit if you sign up as a customer. A huge thank you for clicking on links and signing up using my links.


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  1. Brilliant information as always. Love reading this. I will be definitely be signing up to Chip. Thank you. Happy New year to you all. Xx

    1. Ah that is brilliant Bhav. It a great app that as helped me save lots of money over the past couple of years. Happy New Year to you too xx

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