Monday Money 81 – Money Saving Highlights from 2019

This will be my last Monday Money post of the year. I realised last week whilst writing my post about things I miss as a self-employed person, that I have not taken a single day off from Mrs Mummypenny this year. I really want to have some time off over the Christmas and New Year period!

With it being my last Monday Money post, I thought I would reflect back to my best Money Saving highlights from 2019. Many of which will save you money if you do the same.

Monthly Bills

I did a comparison check for each of my monthly bills this year, a few weeks before contract renewal date. Most of them were switched and a few still remained competitive so I stayed with the same company. 

All of my insurance providers changed, and to be honest I switch every year. I can never find a good deal with the same insurance company from one year to the next so I search for the best deals using the Top Cash Back comparison tool which finds me a good deal along with cash back as well.

I switched my broadband over to Virgin and grabbed a £120 cash back deal. My energy company stayed the same as Octopus continued to offer not only great customer service but also great value. 

I urge you to check your energy company and see if you can save yourself a chunk of money. Use this link to do a comparison and if you choose to switch we both get a £50 credit to our bills! Thank you!!

Entertainment Savings

We love going to the cinema, its one of our favourite things to do as a family. We go at least once a month and save at least £15 each time we visit, that is a huge saving of £180 over the year. I use Kidspass to book the tickets which saves around 40-50% of the ticket price depending on the chain. I highly recommend getting this discount card if cinema is your thing.


A huge money saver this year has been my network railcard. I am in London at least once a week and as long as I travel in after 10am I save 1/3rd on my railcard or the train ticket is discounted to a minimum cost of £13. If I need a railcard the cost goes from £19 down to £13. Even if its just a return train ticket to London costing £14.70, this goes down to £13.

I would estimate savings of maybe £150 over the year. The railcard cost £30. 

I have had a hybrid car for the entire year and can now really feel the fuel savings. A tank of fuel lasts 400 miles and costs £40 in fuel. This is compared to my last car where a full tank of fuel would last for 500 miles and cost £70 in fuel. I am £20 better off each time that I fill up the car with fuel.   

pcp car finance


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