Monday Money #78 Save even more on Black Friday

Last week started with a fairly high spending day. I had Monday in London meeting a client for lunch. Making the most of London, I then stayed  in town and met Neilboy in the evening for birthday dimsum. I resisted shopping whilst waiting for Neilboy to finish work, so feel I saved some money there! Instead I did a long walk and found a tapas bar to sit and wait whilst drinking a cocktail!

We had the most amazing dim sum, I highly recommend the rainbow selection at Baozilnn in Soho. We eat lots and drank far too much wine for a Monday night. 

Don’t forget to check for cashback on your Black Friday Purchases

Before I make any online purchases I always, always check Topcashback for any cash back deals. This extra saving will be ON TOP of the discounted prices you pay. We are talking double discounts here! There are so many popular brands with extra cash back available including Adidas, Nike, Debenhams, M&S and so so many more. Find what you like and get an extra discount with cashback. Plus if you sign up using my link you get a £5 Amazon voucher. I will also get a commission for referring you, thank you.

Are you planning to get any Christmas Gifts this Black Friday?

The day has arrived this week, although it feels like the advertising has been going on forever. I just want everyone to consider that the best deals might not actually be available on this hyped up shopping day. 

I interviewed the marketing director of Idealo, Katy Phillips last week for my podcast and we talked about tricks to save even more money. Idealo is a great website that allows you to compare prices of your desired item at different retailers and over time, so you can track price increases and decreases. Giving you the ultimate information on the best deal.

Beating my emotional spending with the Emma App

I have spent a few weeks using the Emma app to track my spending and published my review this week. I have found that it is really helping me with keep check on my emotional spending. Budgets were set and I have done really well this month sticking to them. I highly recommend that you have a read of my review and download the app for yourself. Its far better than writing everything down as I was doing. 

Think about gifting an experience not another thing

I love to gift and receive an experience, something exciting to do rather than yet another thing. And I actively encourage my boys to do the same. I have found loads of great ideas of experiences for the children in this blog post with Buyagift. There are loads of great experiences at really affordable prices. Take a look and see if anything inspires you.

Aldi Gin

I finally got round to doing a big Aldi shop this week and was super excited to see the Christmas range of booze in store. I got to try lots of these at the October Christmas event and remember the plum and clementine gin being amazing. Hurrah I got a bottle and enjoyed it this weekend. It costs £14.99 and I enjoyed it with slimline tonic and plenty of ice. Highly recommended!

Save even more on Black Friday

Jacks Birthday

We celebrated Jacks birthday on Friday and went to his favourite restaurant for dinner, Fire Jacks. Not a coincidence that it shares his name! I love Firejacks for its children’s menu. For just £5.95 they get a main, drink and dessert. And the portion sizes are huge. The boys love a giant hot dog and a slice of chocolate fudge cake for dessert. And I get to order a lovely cocktail too!


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