Introducing Utopia – Launch of a New Ecosystem

Introducing Utopia

I worry about the amount of data collected about me online. From my browsing habits to groups I am members of. What I watch on TV to online payments. Even my inner most personal feeling in messages on WhatsApp are open to scrutiny.

Introducing Utopia

Everything we do online is monitored and collected and then used to market products back to us, products so personalised and ideal that we are much more likely to buy them.

But I have always felt like there was no alternative to what I already use, Google, Facebook, Microsoft are all my go to online platforms, now there is an alternative.

Introducting Utopia, a feature-rich ecosystem platform that is specifically designed to protect the privacy of communication, confidentiality, and security of personal data. It was created for the privacy-conscious public who believe that privacy is paramount.

Freedom, anonymity, security

Utopia is freedom, anonymity, security, and a censorship-free driven product that has taken 5 years to develop. Total surveillance, information flow control, and official deceptions are exactly what Utopia is intended to prevent.

When you use Utopia, Big Brother is no longer watching you. This sounds incredible! With Utopia you are able to bypass online censorship and firewalls, meaning that you are free to communicate with whomever you want, whenever you want. Users physical locations cannot be revealed. Communication and data cannot be intercepted and read by any 3rd party. All account data is stored on a Utopia user’s local device in an encrypted file.

What makes Utopia so amazing?

Utopia is a decentralised peer-to-peer network, with no central server involved in data transmission or storage. The network delivers high-quality features and a perfectly smooth user interface that is supported by the people who use it.

With Utopia you can send instant text and voice messages, transfer files, create group chats, channels, and news feeds, and conduct private discussions. Finally, no more targeted adverts after a private WhatsApp conversation has been intercepted.

A channel can be geo-tagged using integrated uMaps which simplifies the Utopia channel search and adds an additional security layer. As a result, there is no need to use public map services which are known to collect your data to feed Big Data massives. It was recommended to me to switch off the geo function on my phone in a cyber crime presentation earlier this year. This provides an alternative as I need my maps.

uMail is a decentralised alternative to classic e-mail, however no servers are used for mail transmission or storage. uMail account, which is created in moments, enable unlimited messaging and attachment storage. The Utopia ecosystem’s encryption guarantees the security of mail transmission and storage. Your uMail, as an internal part of Utopia, cannot be blocked, intercepted, or seized.

All financial functionality can be found in Utopia’s built-in uWallet: You can make and accept payments denominated in Utopia’s mineable cryptocurrency, Crypton. You can accept payments at your website, pay by Crypto Cards without revealing your Identity, or bill fellow Utopia users for your services.

A Safe Alternative

The Utopia network includes a safe alternative to the traditional Domain Name System (DNS) called the Utopia Name System (UNS). This is a decentralised registry of names that makes it impossible to expropriate, freeze, or corrupt by any 3rd-party, your UNS. Once registered it is your property forever, unless you choose otherwise.

UNS, combined with Packet Forwarding, functionally allows Utopia to tunnel any kind of data between users within the ecosystem, making it possible to host many kinds of resources including websites inside the Utopia Network. Utopia has the built-in Idyll browser to view websites within the Utopia peer-to-peer network. Idyll is a great alternative to the TOR browser.

Developers of the Utopia project have worked hard for more than 5 years to provide many other amazing features you will both enjoy and find indispensable, including voice encryption, tons of stickers and smileys, multi-player games, and collaboration and organising tools. Love these extras that the Utopia team has come up with, they have thought of everything.

Download the Software here

You can download the software from now by visiting this link. I am excited to try something revolutionary that promised to change the online world that we operate in.

This is a collaborative post with Utopia.


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  2. All financial functionality can be found in Utopia’s built-in uWallet: You can make and accept payments denominated in Utopia’s mineable cryptocurrency, Crypton.

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