Monday Money #74 Half Term AirBNB

It is half term this week in Hertfordshire so we are off for a few days to the seaside. I am hoping that it stays sunny, albeit cold. The beach on a cold but sunny day is glorious. I cannot wait. So my first money saving tip is a bargain half term holiday

Half Term AirBNB Bargain

This year has been my year of AirBNB bookings. Can you believe I have never used it before 2019! This half term we are off to beautiful Norfolk (again) to stay in a chalet right next to the beach. And I paid just £40 a night for a chalet that sleeps 4 of us! Total bargain. The reviews are good, it looks cute, there is lots of outdoor space and according to the map the beach is a few minutes walk away.

Have yo signed up to AirBNB and had a look at what accomodation is available? I would appreciate it if you used my referral code to sign up.  Sign up with my link and you will get up to £34 off your first trip. 

Half Term Air BNB

Dinner at No 11 Pimlico Rd

Last week saw me take a trip into London after parents evening to meet my friend Neil for dinner in Chelsea. We were invited to No 11 Pimlico Rd restaurant to try out their new cocktails and dinner menu. The cocktail choice was easy, negroni and a pineapple mojito.

We ate rotisserie chicken, sweet potato falafels, honey roasted sausages and beef tacos. The food was amazing, really lovely. The sausages were beyond good.

A shout out to the restaurant mgr who really looked after us. Fantastic customer service and we both agree that we would definitely go back.

Refer a Friend Credit to my Octopus Energy Account

I talk about Octopus Energy alot on here. They are my energy company of three years now and consistently offer me such a good deal that there is no need to switch. Although I always check every year! 

Every time one of my readers switches to Octopus they get £50 and so do I. Win, win for both of us and last week I transferred £150 from my Octopus account to my bank account. And you can do this as well. Check that switching to Octopus is going to save you money and then sign up. You will then get your own refer a friend code which you can share with friends and family. The same deal will apply to you then, for every friend you refer, you get £50 and so do they.

I would be grateful if you used my referral link to check if you will save money and then switch.

Setting goals for the rest of 2019

I need to generate a chunk of money and receive that money into my bank account before the end of 2019. This is my year end and I need to show a certain level of profitability for a mortgage application. I have been really focussing on this target of new work generated and have sent lots of emails out to my regular clients with ideas for new content.

The target for new work was big, 9k. And I am super pleased to say that after two weeks of focus I am 50% of the way there. Agreeing the work now means that it will be done in November with invoices paid in December. Just another £4.5k of work to find, in the next two weeks really to ensure I receive the money by the end of the year. I have a few things waiting to be agreed. And sending out these positive vibes to the universe can only help the cause.

What are you goals for the rest of 2019?




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