Monday Money #50 – Credit card debt is gone & Victoria Derbyshire

Whoop I have reached Monday Money 50!! I love hitting a nice round number. I always do a little whoop when I hit the next thousand on social media channels..soon to hit 8k on Twitter, 6k on Facebook and 5k on Instagram.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind week this week. I was still trying to get over jet-lag coming back from Las Vegas. But I do think the extra tiredness has given me some extra focus and courage this week.

April felt like a month of holidays, I was away for a few days then home, then away again. I had no consistency in my routine so I didn’t start any big projects. But from Monday 29th April I was back on track. A whole month to focus and get some exciting projects started. 

Back to the radio show Mrs Mummypenny Talks this week.

I was back in studio are a three-week break from the radio show. I had ALOT to talk about so had a really good show. I mainly talked about my holidays and played music that I had heard on my holiday. I have lots of amazing guests lined up for the next few weeks on the show. I am squirreling away in the background lining them up. I like to get inspirational people onto the show to share their story along with their money mistakes and successes! You can listen back to any of my shows on the podcast page of my site .

And I returned to Personal Training

Thursday saw me go back to the gym. Before holiday I was really good and dropped around 2-3 inches from my waist. No weighing myself here. But then I went off on holiday and enjoyed myself and put most of back on again. I was dreading going back to the gym but actually it was okay! I warmed up with my 5 min row and was just 10 metres off my best ever distance.

Then I did an awful circuit involving 63 lunges with weights, 50 squats with weights, another 63 lunges, 25 push presses and 200m sprint. It wasn’t fun and I am still aching 4 days later. But it obviously did something if my muscles are still hurting. If you are local to Stevenage do check out No Bull Fitness, run by a trio of really great guys. There are always deals to get a free trial month /50% off etc. 

The Credit Card debt is gone

I made my last credit card payment on the last day of April. I paid off the final balance of £1,099 and became credit card debt free. For the first time in 24 years. Not something that I am proud of but I have spent my entire adult life in credit card debt. I have switched from 0% deal to 0% deal every couple of years forever. Read my final debt repayment post here. It was a popular one, shared high and low on Twitter! 

I followed up later last week with a post on the steps you need to take to pay off any debt you may have. You can read that here. And please do click on the floating form to get a FREE copy of my e-Book where I have shared my debt diary from the past two years.

Credit card debt is gone

I was on TV for about 2 minutes

On Tuesday I was invited into the Victoria Derbyshire studio to talk about Aldi dupes. I love them and think they are a great thing for the consumer. So much that I have written all about them, and its one of the most popular post on my website! They wanted me on at 10:50 am, 10 minutes before I was due to go live on my radio show. So I skyped instead. I got my point across, even when I was accused of contradicting myself. Have a watch here.

A New smart watch

I have been eyeing up a smart watch for around five years. Since the first one came out when I worked at EE I thought they looked cool and functional. I watched them develop over the years, they started to have more function and look more feminine. I decided that I needed a debt repayment pressie last week and got myself the new samsung watch. I got a deal of course. I spoke to my friends at EE Hitchin (one of the shops I used to look after when I worked with the franchise team at EE) and saved myself some a nice chunk of money on the monthly fee. 

I always recommend the team at Hitchin or Letchworth for mobile phone needs in Hertfordshire. They are brilliant at customer service and have the best deals. If your contract is up for renewal do check with them for your next deal. Mention me if you go and they might offer you a little bit more of a deal. (disclaimer, nothing in this for me, they are my friends and a great business that I recommend)

Deals Deals Deals

Every week I am going to share my favourite deals for you, of products and services that I use and rate.

  1. Top Cash Back – I am just about to transfer £130 cash back from Top Cash Back. I booked Las Vegas by searching for Expedia on the site, clicked through to Expedia booked the holiday and got £130 sent to my cashback account. Easy. It is free money. Use this link to sign up and get a FREE £5 prepaid mastercard. 
  2. Octopus Energy – They really are the best value and amazing for renewable energy. 70% of the UK population are sat on an energy tariff at home that is too expensive. You can switch and save a fortune..£300 a year, £500 a year. DO a comparison and see what you can save. Plus we both get a £50 credit to our bills if you do decide to switch.
  3. I am credit card debt free, but I do put my monthly spending onto an AMEX card and pay it off in full each month. Why? For the cash back. I am just about to get £400 in cash back as a bonus refund on my next credit card bill. After a year of using it. Grab your self a £25 cash back bonus signing up to this super special credit card. But a word of warning, make sure you pay it off IN FULL every month to avoid interest charges.

This post contains affiliate links where I receive a payment if you sign up. Always disclosed in the text. Thank you if you sign up, this never affects the price you pay for the service.



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