Monday Money #46 – It’s my Birthday!!

Before writing this post I had a detailed look at my March spending diary. Its been an expensive month. I have spent the most money in a month so far this year.

What has caused the increased spending?

I had an expensive month with another annual car insurance to pay and home insurance. And it was my birthday so I have spent a some money on myself, hypnotherapy treatment and a massage plus birthday theatre tickets. I’ve had a big night out for my birthday and dinner out with my boys.

I have also paid another £1200 of my debt and now have less than £3000 to repay. April will be debt free month.

it's my birthday

Easter Holidays

The school Easter holidays are upon us this week and we have nearly three weeks off in Knebworth due to some work being done on the school. Lets hope for sunny weather to ensure we have plenty of time outside at the park, the woods and the lakes. We off to the seaside for a few days next week. Another expense for March but it really wasnt very much and I very much need a trip to the beach and sea. And then I am off to Vegas for 6 days with my best friend. All fully paid for in advance.

Mystery Shopping

I have been doing a month long mystery shop of a local gym. I need to pay them 5 visit all together asking various things and attending different appointments plus I get to go the gym as well. And I am being paid £100 with my monthly fees refunded. Its a great deal when I was keen to find something to help with my fitness leading up to going on holiday. 

Sunny days in the garden

The weekend was lovely and sunny and we spent most of Saturday in the garden. Its not quite sunny enough to set up the huge pool, but we did set up garden tennis and cricket. Anything sports related keeps the boys happy and away from the Xbox is good!

Aldi Gin and Prosecco

I found a really lovely new gin in Aldi last week, its is orange and lime flavoured. SO lovely with a splash of tonic water. They were also kind enough to give me a couple of bottles for my birthday and mothers day as well.

It's my birthday

Yes it was my birthday

Birthdays pass by when you are getting on a bit! This year I was 42 and had a night out with my ex work buddies where we drank shots and went to Lucky Voice. It was the best. I got some lovely gifts and cards including this beautiful picture of St. Michaels Mount. Such memories of home.

it's my birthday

Last minute preparations for Vegas

I still need to get some more currency for Vegas and am watching the £/$ rate like a hawk. As soon as I see it rise about $1.3 to the £ I am going to get my last chunk of dollars. I found Debenhams to have a really competitive currency rate, much better than post office, M&S and other high street currency exchange places.

Neil and I have also booked lots of activities whilst we are there. We are going to the Neon museum, we are smashing up stuff in a room with a sledge hammer, we are shooting guns and we are going on a foodie tour of the strip. I cannot wait.

A couple of offers that I don’t want you to miss out on

Octopus Energy are offering you a £50 credit to your bill if you switch over to them. Have a check using this link to see if you can save money. If you have been with same company for a while most likely the savings will be big!!

And I have just transferred £50 earned in cash back into my current account today from my insurance purchases in Feb and March. Do you use cash back? Its free money and discounts on most things you can buy online. I earn around £2-300 each year from cash back and I love it. I book holidays with cashback (currently owed £140 from the Vegas holiday!), I order flowers with cash back. There are so many ways to save. Sign up here.

Thank you for reading and if you do click on any links, thank you, I receive a small affiliate payment which in no way affects the price you pay.


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