Monday Money #33 – Visiting Santa & Jigsaw Love

One week until the big day, eekkk, are you ready? I am far from it and scarily realise that I am running out of time. I must write a list and check it twice ;-). There are still a few things left to get for the boys, and of course the big food shop, that I am dreading. Of course its not the best time of the year for spending less money but I have been trying to make some savings or get a good deal.

A day in London

I spent the day in London on Thursday, I had several meetings, all in or around the city. I can get a direct train into Moorgate then to save a bit of tube fares I walked around to my meetings. This meant a great 12k steps day. I started off near Moorgate then walked to Borough and then ended the day at Liverpool Street for dinner.

I had a brilliant day coming up with plans for 2019. The day ended with Christmas dinner with my bets uni friends, we had roast turkey dinner at a pub at Liverpool Street. We had left it far too late to get a decent booking so it wasn’t the best of meals, except the cheese board which was pretty good! It was good value, with three courses plus a glass of prosecco for £31, all booked via Bookatable. They often have great deals for meals out at great places.

Visiting Santa - cheese board

Visiting Santa

I booked a visit to Santa for Jack week ago, our local John Lewis had bookable session and we went on Sunday. It was £15 which is pretty steep for a visit to santa, but Jack got to choose from so many gifts that were worth quite a good amount of money. Jack went for a porsche. Jack loved it and is now full of the Christmas spirit and cant wait to put out cookies, milk and carrots for santa on Christmas Eve.

Visiting Santa

H&M Discounts

I am a fan of H&M and really love the clothes for the boys and for me. Every purchase I make is saved onto my H&M app which builds up a points value, these points can be used against purchases to get a discount. This weekend I only had 80 points so the only discount I could find was 15% off children’s jumpers, of which I had two. But I also had a Christmas tree onesie for Josh and a jumper for me. Turns out the 15% worked on the whole purchase and we saved £8. Wonderful.

Visiting Santa

A huge jar of olives

We were given a huge of green olives for Christmas and I have been finding different ways of using them. This weekend I combined chopped olives with sun dried tomatoes and mozzerella. Next I sliced a cob loaf and filled the gaps with the mixture and baked it in the oven for 20 minutes. It was so so good. And thank you to Amy Treasure for the idea, check out her website, her food is amazing.

Visiting Santa - olive bread

Jigsaw Love

I have spent a fair bit of time this week doing a jigsaw! Aldi had a great range of 1000 piece jigsaws for £4.99 each. I chose an under the sea picture and Dylan and I spent some quality time together building it this week. We finished it on Saturday and it was a huge sense of achievement. Am going to get another for the Christmas period it was fun! I used to spend hours doing jigsaws as a child, it really took me back to then!

Visiting Santa - jigsaw puzzle



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