Monday Money #25 Halloween goodies & streamlining business expenses

Last week could have been a very lucrative week! I took a chance and tried something different. I applied to go on a TV quiz show and filmed it last week. It will be shown early 2019. I will of course let you know when its going to be shown. But I will keep it a surprise as to how I did and what the TV show was. I am not just doing that to annoy you, I have been told I am strictly not allowed to share any detail!

What I will say is you have to put yourself out there and try out things that are scary and that could make you some money. You never know what might happen!

Household Management made easy

I have been using the new Hoppy home management tool this week. This brilliant new service combines many home management tasks into the one online hub, making it so much easier to get organised, plus save money and time.

I love the find a tradesman feature, the site includes a tool where you can pop in the details of which household job needs doing, maybe some plumbing, fitting doors or garden work. The request then goes out to the database of trades people on their system. They come back to you with their quotes. And Hoppy guarantee that this work will be done to a high standard and they will fix it if it isn’t.

There is also a comparison tool on the site and a super useful online vault to store all your key documents. Read on here for more detail.

Streamlining the business expenses

Every few months I have a good look through my regular direct debits to review if I am getting my monies worth from the subscriptions or if I am even still using the service. There were three different monthly subscriptions paid from my business account that I have deemed no longer necessary. Calling these has saved me £30 per month, which is a nice £360 saving in a year.

I also had a Now TV free 2-month subscription that I was trying out. The two months ended last week, and I actually remembered to cancel the subscription before it auto-renewed. Always remember to cancel these offers before they start charging you if it was something that you wanted to try out but maybe didn’t want to pay before beyond the introductory offer!

Sello – A new discount site for independent retailers

One of my favourite things to do is to browse a high street that is full of independent shops selling all things beautiful and unique. I love searching for unique gifts, for friends who have had babies or maybe for a unique and funky stationery item. I am excited to see there is a website coming soon that allows you do to do this online with discounts as well. You can register here with Sello to be first on the list to receive information when the site is full live.

Poundland Halloween Goodies plus homemade outfits

The boys are very excited this year about Halloween and had great fun at the weekend choosing items from Poundland for the trick or treat outfits. They are part bought and part homemade. They are going for the scary look, both buying scary masks. Jack chose a plastic chainsaw to compliment his outfit and Josh chose a plastic cleaver. Lovely! These cost £1 each, of course! Then they have made the rest of the outfit at home, each has got an old t-shirt and has decorated it with claw marks and blood. They are really going gruesome this year.

Halloween goodies

Concussion Recovery

Dylan is recovering well from his concussion and is equally hating the inactivity. Bless him he said there was a positive from his injury, that we spend less money on petrol taking him to games and training. This is true, around £100 saved this month in petrol from the fewer trips over to Cambridge for his training.

Goal Setting in my Starling Bank App

One of my favourite features on my Starling banking app is the goals section. I use the goals section to move money from my balance into a pot for something specific. The money is still in my account and part of my bank balance, but I can’t see it in my main account overview. I move money across into each goal every week. It makes saving for specific things ever so easy, and I can see how close I am to my target as well with a slider showing what % I am towards my target. Read here for why the Starling account is so great, suitable for small limited companies and a personal bank account as well.

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