Introducing Hoppy, A New Home Management Tool

I am very excited to introduce a brand-new home management service called Hoppy. An internet hub that can provide you with everything you need to help with home management, maintenance, bills and paperwork.

Hoppy, A New Home Management Tool

Are you like me and have many places and services you use to manage the home? My important paperwork is buried somewhere in a huge pile of paper in my office for things like guarantees, insurance certificates. I use various different websites to compare my bills when they are renewed each year, mobile, broadband, energy, insurance. I use google or talk to people on Facebook when I need to research someone to come to the house to complete maintenance.  Now there is one place where you can go for all of this. Yeah to convenience and time saving!

I will talk you through each of the services, how they work and why they are so useful.


I often struggle to find a decent tradesperson for the constant list of household jobs that need to be done. I recently had an issue with the dishwasher, it wasn’t draining and hubby or myself were unable to sort it out. Facebook was my first place to ask for help, did anyone knew a reliable dishwasher expert, no replies. My second option was to go to google. I spent some time calling around and getting varying quotes. I finally settled on a person, not really knowing if they were reliable or not.

They came to the house and removed the blockage from the dishwasher (one of my hair grips…whoops) and charged me £130. I have no idea if this was good value or not.

This process is much simpler with Hoppy. You submit your job via the website and wait for the tradespeople to come back to you with their quotes. This service is managed by Plentific for Hoppy and the really great thing is that they guarantee the work. If anything did go wrong, they would cover the cost of any repairs or additions to the job. Wonderful peace of mind.

Paperwork Vault

My filing system at home is so terrible. It took me 3 hours(!) to go through the hugest piles of paperwork in August to find a share certificate (for some shares that I had already sold promising I knew where the certificate was). I am a hoarder and keep everything but with no organisation, so there was so much to go through. At the same time, I found the car log book that I had failed to find a few months earlier that cost me £20 to replace! I did take this opportunity to properly sort everything, pull out all the key document and ditch anything I really didn’t need. Those seven years of credit card/bank statement are gone!

Hoppy, A New Home Management Tool

Hoppy has a digital vault section within your account where you can upload all those key documents for safe keeping. The perfect place for insurance certificates, no claims discounts, house deeds, building work guarantee, electrics signs off, marriage certificate, birth certificates, car log books. The list of important household documents goes on and on.

Task dates

There is a handy section to record renewal dates for tasks and the household bills. So be sure to enter things like annual insurance dates, mobiles phone, broadband, TV contract dates. Car service and MOT dates. Then you will get a reminder when the date has arrived.

Switching Services

This is a money saving tool that I am very passionate about and urge everyone to check their regular bills every year or whenever a contract is up for renewal. Hoppy will of course help you with this with a reminder of the dates you recorded in the tasks section. Hoppy has switching sections for mobile, energy and TV and mobile.

Hoppy, A New Home Management Tool

You can save so much money through switching your regular essential bills. Take mobile for example, you have the option to do a comparison of say SIM only deals or iPhone deal. Or you can select just deals from one particular supplier or network. You have the flexibility to choose how you want to view the deals and save money.

It can be really surprising how much you can save when doing something like switching your energy. If you have been with the same supplier for a few years, the savings can be huge. I have saved £40 per month by switching in the past…which is nearly £500 a year.

I urge you to look at when your contract dates are, and if you are out of contract have a go at comparing in Hoppy to see where and how much you can save.

Sign Up offer

If you subscribe now to Hoppy for free you will be entered into a fabulous competition to win one of 5 family forest breaks. This fabulous competition is available until 31st December 2018.

This is a collaborative post with Hoppy.


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