Monday Money #22 – No/Low spend week with flapjacks

I have had a really quiet week socially and work wise, which of course means a low spending week. Hurrah. And Ive had a few vouchers which has saved another stack of money on birthday pressies and grocery shopping. I got £100 worth of birthday pressies and football boots for the boys from Amazon and my grocery shop this week at Aldi was nothing as I had vouchers to cover it. Sometimes I get paid for work with brands with vouchers you see!

no/low spend week

A no/low Spend week

The only non essentials that cost me money this week was a coffee and bagel from Macdonalds, some reduced price donuts for boys from Co-op. Bargain!! £6 spent.

Cinema savings

We did go to cinema on Saturday afternoon. This obviously cost money, but we did save a chunk using our kidspass. We got 1 adult and 3 childrens tickets for £21. We also used the kidspass discount to get 2 large drinks and a large popcorn for £7, Jack got his slush puppy which made him very happy. We saw ‘The house with clock in the walls’ and its really good! The boys really loved it, a great family film with just the right amount of scariness.

Birthday Preparation

Dylan and Josh are sharing their birthday pressie this year and it was bought a long time ago on Amazon Prime day. I have been topping up the pressies as I have a few more Amazon vouchers. The Xbox One S I bought, of course, only come with one controller, so I have got another one coming. £40 for a controller?? Why so expensive? I also got some new indoor football trainers for Dylan. Amazon is great, you really can get everything!

Homemade Flapjacks

We wanted a sweet treat this week and raided the cupboards for something to make. We decided on Flapjacks and found a mega simple recipe. All we need was oats, golden syrup, butter and soft brown sugar. And they were so lovely and all ingredients we had in the cupboard!

Roast Dinner from Tesco

On Sunday we had come friends over for Roast Dinner and I thought I would give Tesco a try for a roast dinner. We haven’t bought meat from there for a while. I was a bit shocked at the prices I have to admit. I’ve got too used to Aldi prices! I bought a joint of beef and a piece of gammon and they cost £20 between them…ouch. So not so much of a money saving point here, more of a, stick to Aldi!

The Dentist & The hygienist

Arggg I am a bit scared of going to the dentist, but even more scared of going to the Hygienist. I gave in last week and finally went after a few years of being nagged. I have an NHS dentist which saves me a huge amount of money but I always thought why pay to have someone tell me how to brush my teeth!! Actually she told me that my teeth were okay. Gave them a clean and polish, made them bleed alot, that was what was scaring me. But it was okay. And cost me £38.



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