Monday Money #193 – Lots of Radio and TV!

A low spending week, finally yes. It was a busy work week for media appearance and great week for exercise and no alcohol.

I managed to spend just £230 and this even included £45 of savings into my Sprive mortgage over payment (use code MUMPENNY to get FREE £5 credited to your account) and into my Plum auto savings account.

The remainder was a trip to the cinema to watch Dr. Strange with discounted cinema tickets thanks to Kidspass (£32 for three ticket, 2 hotdogs and large drinks). The remainder was food, mainly groceries this week and little spent on takeaways. A big M&S has opened near us so we did buy some nice treats there. J has decided M&S food is the best. I agree, just hate the prices.

In the Media

I was very excited to get the call from BBC Radio Cornwall and spoke to them on Thursday about my top money saving tips. First time ever on Radio Cornwall, my heartland. Now Im on their contact list and I have already been asked to do Spotlight this week, the South West News TV show.

I did 9 interviews on Tuesday morning for various BBC Local radio stations talking about the rise of second hand buying and selling. My favourite had to be BBC Cumbria, where a Beattie cousin heard and immediately messaged me on FB with pride. A different interview every eight minutes, was full on!

Then finally some TV work, I did a Q&A for ITV Anglia news on cost of living crisis, I was on the 6pm and 10pm news sharing my guidance.

Back To Running and Am off the Booze

Sometimes I get a feeling/message/desire whatever you want to call it to stop drinking for a bit. I got that message on Sunday 15th May..and decided to take a few weeks off the booze from that day forward. That means today is day 9. Its always a good idea to take a few weeks off the booze and there are so many benefits. I am stopping the booze for 5 1/2 weeks, until 23rd June.

Money Saving – 5 1/2 weeks of no booze will save alot of money. Particularly counting dinners in London where alcohol is expensive. I expect to save around £75 per week, so around £400 over the no booze period of time.

Improved Focus – No hangovers or clouding of mind will mean a huge increase to focus my mind. In the past when I have cut out the booze business ideas have improved and decision making has become much more improved.

Weight Loss – Booze has a lot of calories as does the rubbish you eat the day after. In the past I have lost 1-2kg per week when I have given up the booze. Essential weight loss needed for our July summer holiday!

Increased levels of Exercise – Last week saw me complete 85,000 steps across the week in long walks and runs. I have more motivation to get out walking the beautiful Knebworth countryside and am trying to get out every couple of days for a run.

This week’s column for the Mirror

This weeks column, plus new pictures, go check them out, was on loyalty cards and hidden rewards. I urge you to go check your Nectar, Tesco, Boots cards for balances. I found £380!

£280 of this balance is made up of Avios points that I have turned into Nectar points. I am using them to part pay for a new sofa from Habitat (a part of Argos).

All the ways I have gone green, including a hugely powerful way, moving my pension to a fossil fuel free plan.

I shared an article on my blog last week detailing all the ways I have gone green with my lifestyle, from the car I drive to the food I eat to the products I buy. And the most powerful way where I have moved my pension in fossil fuel free.


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