Monday Money #186 Saving Energy and Mystery Shopping

It was another big week for my social channels and my weekly article for The Mirror. I wrote an article about 5 BIG ways to save money on your energy bill, up to £300 a year, plus lots of other smaller changes that can be made. We cant avoid these energy price increases bur we can certainly use less energy. Read the article here an see what changes you can make to your home life to use less energy an save money.

All the Driving/Football Spends

It was a busy week for football. The fuel price increases certainly hit last week. I had to fill up the car twice, costing £105. I always try to find the best place to get my fuel using the Petrol Prices app. Currently the supermarkets are the winners, with Costco being the cheapest by a long way.

We drove 500 miles last week for football. Being an academy football mum is expensive. I also needed to get DJ new football boots, but gratefully was able to pay for these using some Amazon vouchers that I got as a result of a friend using my Trussle mortgage refer a friend code. We both got £200 each in vouchers of our choice when their mortgage was accepted. And DJ got free football boots. I love refer a friend offers, they are so good to use if you have a friend wanting to you use a recommended company by you.

Mystery Shopping

I want to talk a bit more about mystery shopping. Its one of my favourite ways to get treats and fun spends for free or even earn money for. In the past three years I have had many months of free gym membership, spa days, bowling games and food. In return you need to mystery shop and write a comprehensive review of what you saw and experienced.

Pro Insight are my mystery shopping company of choice, they have a wide range of clients particularly in the healthy wellbeing world. Sign up a mystery shopper and see what is available to do in your area.

Spending Diary – Holiday Spends

I booked my Isles of Scilly Holiday last year and had to pay the outstanding balance last week. At the same time I booked the train to Penzance and the boat over to the Scillies. It’s a mammoth journey, 7 hours on the train from home to Penzance and nearly 3 hours on a boat from Penzance to Scillies, but its worth it. The Scillies are beautiful and I can t wait to visit.

£525 spent on holiday travel and accommodation. I saved by booking my train ticket six weeks prior to get the best price possible, £140 was it. A lot, compared to £100 in fuel but I figure I would rather sit and chill on a train than drive the six hours by myself. I chose the boat to get to Scillies as its way cheaper than plane or helicopter. My accommodation is £525 for a week for a self catering loft apartment, I’ve stayed there before, its cute, great location and comfortable.

Other Spends

I’m not going to relay the detail as its too much now for these posts. I spent £1300 in the week, including £70 on regular bills. £150 on food, groceries and eating out (chuffed with that!). Cleaner £45. Plumber £100. Fuel £100. Business Costs £150. Savings £50.


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