Monday Money #175 Spending diary – Overwhelm and HRT

Overwhelm has to be the word that describes last week. I have reached peak stress levels with work and life to do lists. I am finding that I write a to do list and there is still do much on that list that remains un-ticked by the end of the day. Yes I tick a lot of things off and always hit my deadlines and paid work, but non paid/ non urgent things are suffering. Those things slip from one page to the next, one week to the next.

Last week was a challenge, but I know I am not the only one. I spoke to ALL of my closest friends, all of which work full time or run their own businesses and we are all doing too much and going through overwhelm. I watched Bad Moms the Christmas film at the weekend and so much of it rang true. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do everything and make this time of the year perfect for everyone around us, but maybe we should stop. Say NO to more things, reorganise our lives, ASK FOR HELP.

I did an incredible exercise with my friend Kathryn Cura who also runs her own business, Cura Insurance, we both wrote down our entire business task list and then rated it on enjoyment, earning potential, could it be delegated, is it essential. Then we fed back to each other our thoughts on our work responsibilities and added useful contacts or info if relevant. I highly recommend every busy woman does this!! We have both taken action already since writing the list and seeing things written in colour. There’s nothing like the truth and the views from a friend you trust.

HRT Is given – Perimenopause Immediately gets easier

The overwhelm directly relates to four months of collective Perimenopause symptoms and last week saw my HRT prescription given. I wrote about my journey from denial to acceptance to testing to confirmation to information sourcing to HRT being given on Sunday. Its had ALOT of views, a huge thank you to Davina McCall for retweeting it!

Podcast – Pete Matthew Talks Savings, Investment and WIlls. Ep 11 of S4.

It was an honour and a privilege to be joined by Pete on the podcast this week to talk about the next part of future finances. Savings, investment and we also talked death and wills. A subject we need not fear, a will is a gift to tose who have to sort out everything when you die. We all die, a life certainty.

You can listen here or search Mrs Mummypenny on your favourite Podcast App

Or watch us here on Youtube

My preferred option for at home, but I do love a podcast when I am out walking.

My Spending Diary

I had a good week!! AND IT WAS Black Friday Week!

Black Friday Purchases

I spent a whole £11 in Boots on Black Friday, on some moisturiser Weleda that came highly recommended with 25% off and some bubble bath.

I then procrastinated over a Ring doorbell all weekend (I have been told by police I have to get one unfortunately, a NEED, not a WANT) and finally bought it on Sunday. It cost £67 for a Wi-Fi Ring door bell plus a free Alexa (an extra Christmas gift for someone). And I signed up the Amazon MasterCard for the sole reason of getting my £40 gift card. My new Ring doorbell cost me £27. I also bought some Bluetooth skull candy earphones for my eldest for Christmas, £25, as recommended as a good deal from Which (there weren’t many good deals at all). And finally I got 20% off a Christmas pressie toy for me, I say no more, use your imagination – £39 -Self & More is a great website. Total Black Friday spend £102.

Food Spend

I spent VERY little on food (for me) last week due to me doing some work for Aldi where they provided me with a lot of food. That article is coming very soon and it is very exciting! I spent £107 for the whole week which included breakfast and lunch and dinner on J’s birthday and a few coffees out and about in London on Thursday and £35 on a Mindful Chef box (to save 25% off your first 4 boxes pop my email address in as a refer a friend – ). I had the mostest wonderful lunch with Clare Parsons of Lansons PR founder fame. It was such a good lunch at St. Johns, shout out to this wonderful restaurant that I have never been to before! Also thank you Clare for Lunch:-).

This lunch took me home to Cornwall

Children Costs were Zero

I have managed to cancel out £20 pocket money/train ticket costs and £10 swimming ear plugs by earning £30 from Music Magpie for old tablets and mobile phones that I found in the kitchen drawer of doom.


The bills for last week were life insurance and a £25 deposit for Ripple Energy where I am joining a wind power co-operative. YES! When built this will contribute towards my Octopus Energy bill and should pay for itself within 8-10 years, then I’m in pure profit AND saving the planet. This ripple link is worth £25 to each of us if you then sign up, a £25 credit will be applied to both of our accounts. More to come on Ripple.

Personal Fun Money and Pressies

I spent a total of £154 on me pressies, gifts for others and household expenses. This includes my afore mentioned Black Friday purchases plus a visit to cinema alone on Sunday to watch House of Gucci. I LOVED it, oh my gosh the best film ever. Gaga is the best. I also impulse bought a photo book from Google including all our wonderful photo memories of a brilliant Summer of Fun.

Other boring costs

£48 on petrol, boring. A prescription cost, more drugs, an expense that hits every week and travel costs into London of £13.

Total Spend

My total spend was £362, I declare that an amazing week considering the Black Friday spends. See, I can spend less when I focus on it.

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I’ll just end my post with this. My beautiful tree, NOW 10 years old. It cost around £100/£150 from John Lewis and still looks as wonderful as the day I bought it. I am now very much in profit zone of fake tree versus real tree. And this is the tree that Trev cat climbs up EVERY MORNING.

In the media this week

I was on Talk Radio on Friday morning talking Black Friday. You can watch my bit here, Trev is a super YouTube star.

I helped with this feature for Big Issue on Savings and Savings Apps.

And I was on BBC Radio Five Live on Monday 29th November with Nicky Campbell talking about Money Saving for Christmas, debt, Buy Now Pay Later for a whole hour, I was on from 10 am to 11am. Listen back via IPlayer if you fancy.

Next week I have loads coming, an article on Debt, two articles in Fabulous magazine and who knows what Radio and Tv work;-)


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