Monday Money #170 Spending Diary – An Awful Week

Why do we have days where it feels like everything goes wrong? Tuesday last week was that day in an awful week. My insomnia was terrible last week. I was beyond tired and surviving on very little sleep, sometimes just three hours a night. This IS NOT ENOUGH sleep.

Tuesday started with an important face to face meeting with the police about an incident. It was emotional and traumatic. They wanted me to make a decision about pressing charges. Then I got a call from school my eldest had cut his head open in drama (who know drama could be so dramatic). Straight to school to pick him up. Came home via Subway who tried to overcharge me for a foot long sub and wouldn’t reduce the price, plus took 500 points from my app and wouldn’t give it back. We went to Costa instead and had a much more pleasant experience.

Then I had a disagreement with a close friend, basically my fault for being tired, intolerant and rude. And then my niece called to tell me that my sister, her mum, had just had a heart attack.

How can all of this happen in one day?!

My sister is okay, but needs a big operation in London to fix her heart. I am 100% getting a heart MOT. Our mum and dad both died of heart attacks at 58 and 63, it’s possibly a family issue. Thankfully I am the right weight (now!), don’t smoke and don’t drink too much, so the risks for me are much lower. But better safe than sorry, I am getting checked.

My eldest sons head is fine, I made made up with close friend. And I decided against following through with the police incident. It has been reported, and they know who committed the crime and have enough evidence to arrest but I’m not strong enough to see it through, the law doesn’t make things easy for the victim. Maybe one day I’ll be strong enough.

Wed and Thursday were all about self-preservation and Maslows level 1 hierarchy of needs, doing the bare minimum to get through the days. I did go on a lovely date on Wednesday for food, wine and conversation which made everything good with the world.

Episode 6 of Mrs Mummypenny Talks – Food Money Saving with Amy Sheppard

I love this podcast episode with Amy, both of us so passionate about food and saving money. We talked meal planning, batch cooking, packed lunches, food for fussy eaters, going vege, supermarket tips, slow cookers, energy saving. We went everywhere with our discussion. It definitely felt like a chat with a friend not an interview!

Do take a listen or watch on YouTube, here are both of the ways to watch/listen.

My Spending Diary

I tried to keep things lower key last week and spending less. Although I had my children for five days of the seven and this often means higher spending.

Food Spending

My food spending was pretty high at £192. This included me paying for date night dinner £66. Am all about the equality here. We did a big food shop at Aldi and spent £70, this did include around £10 worth of Halloween big and little pumpkins, make you own gingerbread bat biscuits and a treat dinner of crispy duck for the weekend.

We also had a few meals out at MacDonald’s (not me, my body is a temple) and Costa (definitely me included here).

Children Spends

I spent £64 booking my youngest sons birthday bowling at Hollywood Bowling. And £10 of pocket money was given. We are trying out the new GoHenry App and playing the Money Missions games. The boys love it, especially Jack who has got his first ever payment card. He used it to buy a painting canvas in Hobbycraft for £2. Pics coming on social media as this is paid piece of work with GoHenry.

You can sign up to GoHenry using my exclusive offer and link, and get £10 credited to your account and the first month for free!

Use the code LYNN10

Car Costs

I spent £50 on petrol. OMG Petrol has gone up so much in the past few weeks. Not good. It’s now an extra £5 to fill my tank. Maybe I should make the bold move and switch to fully electric rather than my hybrid CHR.

Family Half Term Fun

We went to the cinema to see Dune, using my Kidspass to save on tickets. Three tickets, plus two large drinks, one large popcorn, one large hotdog cost £32.36. Kidspass always saves me around 25 to 30% off the online ticket prices.

Personal Fun Money

I made an insomnia purchase. Oh BTW insomnia has been fixed by my friends Eve and Kathryn sending me a sleeping moonstone to pop under my pillow. Also a lavender candle, baths every day, magnesium and vitamin D, plus loads of water and camomile tea.

Yes my insomnia purchase, 2 tickets to Sam Fender concert on 4th April next year. I am excited. And also spent £77 on the two tickets at 2am in the morning. I also spent £40 on the below mentioned Appalachian challenge.

£15 on a new phone charger that is rubbish, I will be returning it. And £5.50 on elastic to repair an expensive Jade bracelet from Las Vegas. Total fun money spent £137.

Whilst I talk about Eve and Kathryn (and Mel) Appalachian Challenge

Pensions & Protection Twitter has come together for a huge challenge. the four of are completing the Appalachian Trial, a 3,168 km virtual challange. We are running, walking, swimming our way towards this total by the end of 2021. If you would like to donate to our challenge, all money going to Grief Encounter then please head here to our Just Giving Page.

Total Spend for the Week of £507. Not too bad considering the amount of fun spends!


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