Monday Money #120 Autumn has definitely arrived

I have started wearing my woolly jumpers and the thick black tights are on. Autumn has definitely arrived. Have you cracked and put the heating on yet? I have to say I’ve not cracked yet, but maybe will in October!

Can you save money on your Energy Bill?

As the heating goes on the energy usage is going to increase, have you checked your energy provider to see if you are paying the right amount. If you haven’t changed your provider for the past year you are likely paying too much. Check out Octopus Energy to see how much you can save, using my referral link. If you switch we BOTH get a £50 credit to our bill!

Santa Pod Drag Racing

I had the boys with me this weekend and we had a weekend off from football. Instead we did something really different and went to see the drag racing at Santa Pod in Northants. It was great, super fast cars pelting it up the 400m track to see who was the fastest.

It was bargain day with just me paying for a ticket with under 16s entry being free. the day ticket for me was £20. I did take some picnic food but also got hot dogs for the boys. The bigger expense was the fair ground where the boys fell in love with the walzers, twister and dodgems. That was £30 spent on fair ground rides. Well worth it, they loved it.

London Meetings

I had two days in London last week. It felt good to get back to some form of normality. I even got the tube, although on reflection I wont be using the tube again for a while. It was busy and social distancing was impossible.

I had one day visiting my friend Cherry Woods for a facial and lunch. Its been SO LONG since my last facial and I loved it. ON Thursday I had a few meetings in town and drinks with my old EE team. Drinks until 10pm for the first day of the new pub restrictions.

Spending Diary

I am being very strict about keeping a spending diary again. I really feel that if I don’t write everything down I lose control of my spending and emotional spending starts to kick in. It did a little last week, I would say around £120 of the money I spent could have been avoided. Last week I spent £200 on food, mostly made up of those two days in London eating and drinking out. Drinking in rounds with five of us for for hours was not cheap.

My fun money and self care spending was £100 on my facial. £27 was spent on trains and I had a £200 bill on two new tyres required for my car. The tyres were an essential as the treads were bordering on illegal. My neighbour is a mechanic so I got a good deal on the tyres.

More PensionBee Billboards

The PensionBee campaign has now loved to outdoors on streets, I have ben sent some amazing pictures this week, here is one. I am so proud to be part of this campaign.

Several people have asked recently about what to do about their old pensions. You can consolidate them all in the same place with PensionBee and then have the freedom to add to them as you choose. To find out more and to get £50 added to your pension as thank you, check out my refer a friend link.

Join my Fidelity Share Picks League

Join me in This is Money & Fidelity UK Fantasy Share Picking Game I have chosen my portfolio and am playing the game for 3 months. And I am doing terribly.

Join my league, by DMing me your email address, the person in the 1st position of my league by 4th December will get a £100 Amazon voucher🌟

Lots of big prizes up for grabs courtesy of Fidelity too! Ts&Cs Apply 

Travel Blog – My Trip to Isles of Scilly

I wrote about my Isles of Scilly trip this week and shared this post packed full of the best things to do and tons of pictures. It really was the best holiday ever!

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