Monday Money #114 ‘The Money Guide To Transform Your Life’ My Book has GONE to the PRINTERS

I can do no more. The book has gone to the printers. It has been proofed, checked, proofed again, first readers have given feedback, printed out twice to check final final version.

It is such achievement to write this book at this time. I have timed it perfectly with it coming out 1st Sept, just as the children go back to school and September is such a time for new beginnings. Sorting out you finances can be one of those new beginnings.

Maybe you are looking to revamp your monthly budget, pay off some debt, put some money aside into an emergency fund or put money away for your financial future. This book has it all. Based on real life experiences, part memoir, part guide it will transform your life.

It is available to order on my website, and also will be on Amazon. But if you could I would hugely prefer you to order from my website as Amazon take an eye-watering amount of profit:-( And ordering from me means you get a signed version!

Back to my spending last week

I have been using my new budget planner that I bought from Nicola – Frugal Cottages Etsy shop. A new piece of stationery makes me keen to write down my daily spends. I just cross out that NSD (no spend day) box every damned day.


I spent £76 on self care last week. A huge priority at the moment, whilst times are very busy and I feel like I have no time to myself. There is an amazing shop in Stevenage called Unikorn that sells everything I love, crystals, candles, incense sticks. I bought a very beautiful star/flower turquoise pendant for £45. I also has my gel nails redone, after the previous set had lasted 4 weeks! And got a 10% loyalty discount so they were £23.

Eat Out To Help Out

Yes we did this! We ate at The Station pub in Knebworth on Monday, DJ adores the burgers there. I love the aperol spritz (no discount on alcohol). And I went into London on Wednesday to meet Neil boy at Blacklock in Shoreditch for a meat feast. It was incredible and we had lots of wine. This was our starter. Incredible. And we saved a whole £20 from the bill.

Pigs Head & Gravy

Eating Out cost far too much this week

Its been a five day week with the boys this week and we have spent alot of take aways/eating out. A total of £200 on eating out food. Whoops and ouch. See this is what the spending diary is useful for, shocking me into seeing that I spent this much on food. This did include £77 on food and wine in London, never a cheap night out.

I would like to say this will reduce this week but it won’t as I am off to Isles of Scilly on Wed for holiday! Much food and wine will be consumed, I am going with Neil for our annual holiday, just not Las Vegas this time.

Swimming is Allowed

Finally we got to go swimming to Stevenage pool as a family. The pool had most of the shallow pool to themselves, whilst I did fast lane swimming for 1500m. It was the best £13 I have spent this week. The boys loved it and stayed until they were told to get out after our allotted 1 hours time.

Aldi Lacura Make-Up

Aldi sent me some of the new rose beauty bits to try this week, including the face oil, de-tangling hair brush, eye shadow and toner. The facial oil is amazing, I really love it. Totally gifted but these products are a bargain, prices from £3 to £7.

Holiday Time

I will be on holiday next week, but I may well post Monday Money, as no doubt I will up early doors.


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