Monday Money #112 Week 2 of Summer of Fun

I started the week with a big deadline. My final edits to my book needed to be made and it then sent to my proof reader. I thought it would take me three hours, it actually took ten! But it was still the summer of fun.

But its done!! My book is now being proof read and its with three first readers. This week I take it to the printers and order a few hundred copies. I was super happy to find that my local printers Trigraphics in Knebworth can print my book for me, at a very competitive price. I love shopping local and small business.

It will of course be on Amazon (a necessary evil) and in well known book shops. Although if you want to buy it I would prefer that you bought direct from me! That way you get a signed copy and there is more profit for me to carry on pumping out all of this free content.

Last Weeks Spends – Business Expenses were high

The last week of the month always means big bills are paid. This week was no exception where i paid for the last instalment of my re-brand and new website costs, along with the final instalment of book editing costs. That was £820 for both of them.

Eat Out to Help Out

I am excited to have a few meals out in August as part of the Eat Out to Help out initiative from the government. You can get 50% off your food and non alcoholic drinks up to £10 per person. Available Mon,Tues, Wed until end of August. Check the government website to see which restuarants local to you are part of the scheme.

We still ate out last week, but not much! Friday night when the boys arrived home we went to the Lytton Arms, my favourite local pub and had pizza, fries and BBQ burger. This cost £50 including drinks, I was on the flavoured gin.

The Hottest Day of the Year

Friday saw temperatures hit 35 degrees in Hertfordshire where I am. I prepared well and set up the pool earlier in the week. This pool was a bargain bought at the beginning of lockdown for £70! The boys love it as its big enough to swim around. I love it as I sit in my donut and float around.

Summer of Fun

The Devil Wears Klarna

I wrote a controversial post and published it at the weekend on the dangers of Klarna and how it preys on the vulnerable. You have seen it, a payment option on many big retailers. A credit option, giving you 30 days to pay or 90 days to pay. Often used for clothing and non essential purchases.

I detest it a a product. If you want some clothes, pay for them from your savings. Do not get into debt for 5 summer dresses. The post kicked off on Twitter, thousands of people have read it. Please read and share! This is marketing slogan from their website that I took offence to. Apparently getting into debt is fun

Personal Training is Back on

During 2018 and 2019 I had week personal training with Kane Allerdyce, but my frozen shoulder put a stop to it. Thankfully nearly one year later and after restorative yoga, much exercise and kundalini yoga my shoulder is fixed and I can start back with building up my muscles and tone up. I paid £185 for a block of 5 sessions. This sounds expensive, I know. It is. But I and my eldest want to build up our core strength and muscle strength. And I need to tone up.

Harvest Time

The fields are being harvested near to our house, so we went out for a long walk across the freshly cut fields, the boys got very excited about climbing up the three metre high hay bales! Definite summer of fun activities.

Summer of Fun - FREE

I picked some corn and added it to my collection of dried lavender from Hitchin and sea lavender from Wells-Next-The-Sea. Free flowers that last forever!

Aldi Bargain MakeUp

I had a meeting with Aldi so decided to use only Aldi Lacura products on my face for the Zoom call. Here is my make up, I used mascara, eye shadow, bronzer, lipstick and eye liner all from the Lacura range. Each product was around £3 or £4 each. Its brilliant make up that is perfect when you are on a budget. It is in store every few months on special buy, so watch out for it.

Aldi Budget Make-up

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