How to Make £270 in cashback and extra interest – Monday Money#2

Welcome to week 2 of Monday Money. The place to share your money based content with fellow bloggers. We had so many join last week and loved reading the content and sharing it on Twitter or Pinterest. This is a new link up brought to you by Faith from Much More With Less,  Emma from EmmaDrew.Info and me, Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny.

Monday Money

Wow what a week it was last week. I had lots of time away from my desk, which is brilliant for ideas, work and enjoyment. But also a tad stressful when I know I have lots of work to do. I am entering a very busy time of the year. Busy for Mrs Mummypenny and all the various projects that spin off from the blog and brand, but also busy in terms of mind space. I am bursting with ideas and it is sometimes difficult to know where to start and what to focus on. Which turns into overwhelm. Planning and advice is highly valuable when I am feeling like this.

A new cashback credit card that will earn me £145

I have been using the same Tesco credit card for years now. This is used for all every day spending such as groceries, petrol, things for the boys. It is paid off in full each month and the benefit being the Clubcard vouchers we get every three months for things like days out, car hire or train travel. The offers are getting more and more restrictive so I am swopping out every day spending over to an American Express cash back card.

I order it via Topcashback firstly to get an initial £20 cash back. Open your topcashback account here to get cashback on so many online purchases, plus a £5 Tesco voucher bonus at the moment. The American Express card will then pay 5% cashback within the first three months up to a balance of £125, then 1% cashback ongoing. Im counting £145 made here with total cashback.

Restructured my savings earning me £125 this year

I have a chunk of emergency fund savings in my business savings account, earning a teeny tiny amount of interest, like £2 every 3 months! I have opened a nationwide account so I can open up their 5% savings account, its got a limit of £2500 but that will earn me £125 in the 12 months.

Walking Wednesday

On Wednesday I went into the city for a series of meetings. I love being in the city, I spent five years working there after I graduated working for HSBC where I used to be one of the suited crew. Its great to go back and spend a day there. I met a friend for lunch on Gracechurch street and downloaded a lot of life stuff. Then met a couple of clients near Bank for ideas on our next projects. I had 45-minute break until I had to be at my evening event so I walked from Bank in city to South Bank, across the millennium bridge. A very pleasant walk taking in the London sites. I got lots of pictures and walked 13k steps. Saving some tube money!

Make £270 in cashback

The evening event was first steps to investing with Janus Henderson, whom I worked with a few weeks ago on my blog. It was a fascinating event where I realised that I have a lot of learn with investing if I want to, or I can carry on as I have been doing with my stocks and shares ISA. I finally got home at 12:30.

Debt balance is now less that 5k

On Wednesday I also wrote and published my latest debt payment update. And have cracked the magic 5k figure. I am beyond happy to have repaid £10.5k in 12 months. The aim is pay off the balance in the next four months, so by the end of August so I can say that I paid off £16k in 16 months.

Strategy Friday

On Friday I spent four hours in Stevenage with Emma Drew, partner for this linky! We did a bit of shopping, TK Maxx, Home Bargains and Poundland and then sat in a café for lunch and talked through our plans. I love having a friend whom is so highly motivated and super clever to talk to about Mrs Mummypenny stuff. We are both packed full of ideas about our own and each other’s businesses. I left feeling highly motivated with so many ideas for now, the rest of the year and beyond.

You can pay a lot for mentors, coaching and business advisors, but we help each other as friends and make each other money with shared projects and promotion of the others business. A fantastic collaboration.

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  1. I have a current account with Nationwide but completely missed the 5% savings account! That’s definitely on my to do list now. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I need to lose weight so I’ve been walking a lot too so I can save money and lose the pounds! So pleased with myself. You’re doing great with your fitness journey too!


    1. Thanks Ellen! Walking and running are the best freebie fitness tools! I also love Youtube videos. I am slowly being sucked into the Joe Wicks empire. I know I will be buying a book soon!!

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