Five Easy Date Ideas for No-Stress Romance

Five Easy Date Ideas for No-Stress Romance

Dating feels like a long time ago! I remember it being really stressful, and even if you really like the person you are seeing, it can be difficult to think of things to do all the time. Whether you are a new couple, have been married for years, or are taking someone on a first date, here are a few ideas for easy and sweet date ideas.

Go hiking

This can depend on who you are as a couple – if the idea of going outside and exercising for hours makes you both want to cry, then this isn’t for you. However, if you both enjoy a spot of fresh air, this is an easy way to spend time together, for free (most hiking routes are free to walk around), and you are surrounded by natural beauty. There are also several health benefits to hiking together.

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Go to a museum or gallery

This is a wonderful idea for getting a fix of culture. It also provides a source of conversation and debate for you both, which is great if you are still in the early stages of dating and can find yourself with a few moments of uncomfortable silence. If there is a particular place that you love, then this is a good opportunity to share it with your partner, or discover that you have another shared passion.

Organise a night in

This is a classic. There is nothing more romantic than cuddling on the sofa or bed surrounded by blankets, watching your favourite films or shows together. You’ll want something to eat too, so arrange some takeaway from quality restaurants with Deliveroo. Order in something fancy – not too heavy but something you rarely cook at home, like a gourmet burger with lots of cheese. You can even go for oysters, truffles or chocolate to get the mood going, get a glass of wine, and settle down for a cosy night. This is another great way of sharing the things you are passionate about, and there is nothing more fun than showing your significant other your favourite film whilst you charmingly quote every line by heart.

Attempt a world record

This one is slightly more out there, but it’s actually fairly simple. You can pick anything from the book and give it a go. This also presents a lot of opportunities for comedy, if you choose something like ‘most spoons balanced on a face at one time’. This shared experience will probably end with both of you on the floor laughing, giving you both great anecdotes for the next time you hang out with friends as a couple. And who knows, you might actually break the record – just make sure you have it on film so you can prove yourselves.

Offer to pet-sit for a friend

Now, this does depend on one of you having a friend or family member who owns a pet that needs taking care of for a day, but it is one of the most fun dates you can go on. Not only will you get to spend the day with an adorable furry friend, but you and your partner will probably learn a lot about each other when you have to deal with potentially stressful situations.

Whatever you decide to do, the most important thing is to focus on enjoying the time you have with your partner and getting to know each other, so have fun!

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