My Love Letter to Women for International Women’s Day 2021

This is a love letter and wave of gratitude to women for International Women’s Day. To the women who have helped me to survive during the past year. To those who have given themselves to help me make sense of a shitty period of time in my life. For those women who have helped me to achieve so much. To women who rose up to help me rise. Tall sunflowers standing together.

Coping With the Repercussions of Divorce

My divorce process has continued to rumble on over the past year with many incredibly challenging situations and legal issues. I had thought that the bad times would end when my ex-husband moved out of my house in March 2020, sadly my optimism was unfounded.

My best girl friends have been there every step of the way on the end of the phone, on messenger or walking miles around the Hertfordshire countryside listening to my worries and stresses. Just listening was exactly what I needed, with the occasional words of guidance added in.

It is said it takes a village to raise children but it takes a bunch of the best girlfriends to get you through a divorce. Thank you Bec, Fran, Maz. Here’s Bec x

Writing my First Book – The Money Guide to Transform Your Life

After around five years of it never being the right time, 2021 was the right time to write my book. My book was of course to be about money, but also about my life and how my experiences have affected my money decisions and mind set. I wanted to share my personal experience along with personal finance guidance to make it real. And most importantly to let women know that they are not the only ones who have made certain decisions, be them good or not so good.

I couldn’t have written and published the book without the support of a brilliant group of women.

The book was written quickly (two months) and to plan with the support of my wonderful (already mentioned) friend Bec. Rebecca Megson-Smith my best friend since the age of 11 is also a writing coach – Ridley Writes – and held my hand throughout the process. A plan was made and I stuck to it. Bec also edited my book and taught me some invaluable lesson in writing skills and techniques.

The design of my book was created by Liz Pendleton of Lingo Designs. My proof reader was Desa, my first readers were Faith and Julie. My book was the best it could possibly be by an incredible group of amazing women.

A woman for whom I have huge respect for in the business world gave me her precious time to read the book and write a foreword, Romi Savova, CEO of PensionBee another huge wave of gratitude goes to you. The support from PensionBee has been immense over the many years of Mrs Mummypenny, culminating in my pension confidence. Floating in the 2020 PensionBee campaign and with a solid progress towards my own financial freedom.

And to hundreds and thousands of (mainly!) women who have read the book and sent me messages about how it has helped them to get in control, to pay off debts, to start saving and become financially free. Thank you. you haven’t read the book, why not?! Buy it here!

A Supportive Tribe of Women in Business

I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful group of women around me in business. Always there for words of advice about projects, or fees to charge, or recommending me for jobs. We really do believe in the phrase collaborate, don’t compete, and there to champion and promote each other businesses.

Shouts outs to Faith Archer of Much More with Less, who wrote this incredible post for International Women’s day about how the past year has had a negative impact on women’s finances, with lots of guidance on how to reverse those impacts. We have worked on lots of collaborative projects over the past year and I always adore working together.

Kara Gammell of Your Best Friends Guide to Cash has been going through her own divorce so has not only been there for personal guidance but also for work support too. We have got to work on several fun projects together this past year. This podcast being one of my favourites, its a must listen.

Hollie Hutchinson is another fellow divorced friend and personal finance expert Thrifty Mum. Always there at the end of messenger for chats and guidance about life post divorce or to celebrate each others achievements. Or to talk dating apps!

Women are the best. Happy International Women’s Day!

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