Last Minute Christmas Savings Tips and Tricks

Time is running out! Christmas day is just a few days away and I wanted to share some last-minute money saving tips to help the panic stop. And to help you spend less money!

My Voucher Codes have produced a super fun guide with their take on tips and tricks, take a look at what they have to say with their family of gingerbread people called the Bakers. I have learnt a few great tips.

Last Minute Christmas Savings Tips

Do you still have pressies to buy?

Do not, I repeat do not panic buy. Get that list from the children and stick to it. If you are feeling like they don’t have enough, they most likely do. You are running out of time for postal delivery so why not look at click and collect as an alternative option. Often cheaper as well as you won’t be paying for postage. Don’t forget to check My Voucher Codes for discount codes to save you even more money.

And watch out for things on Amazon and their delivery dates. I order a football boot accessory that won’t be delivered until 9th January.

Start wrapping those pressies now, not on Christmas Eve

A great tip shared with me on the school run with a friend was to start wrapping now. What happens if you run out of wrapping paper, labels and sticky tape once the shops are shut on Christmas Eve. This is a good shout. Although I make my labels our of cut up bits of wrapping paper and old Christmas cards kept from last year.

Christmas Crafting & Baking

The kids will soon finish school and you are going to have some time to fill. Why not get crafting with children to make some fun homemade decorations. I love a free printable and have found some brilliant crafts here. Let them loose with the paint and the glitter and see what they can produce to maybe hide at the back of the tree. Or why not make some lovely Christmas spiced gingerbread cookies just like the baker family. I love this recipe from Faith Archer.

Last Minute Christmas Savings Tips

The Christmas Food

Have you prepared well with a stash of Christmas goodies hidden away from the family? Or are you waiting until the big pre-Christmas shop to buy everything? We are a bit of both and have some goodies hidden and I have a few more to buy. Its mega important to have a list for the big Christmas shop. Try to think about each day and what you will be needing. Do you have guests coming over where you need extra supplies?

Whilst out shopping do check the frozen aisles as well as the fresh. There many brilliant items there that are often much cheaper. Party food for example is often cheaper when bought frozen.

The Christmas Booze

I love to find great value wine and sparkles that taste amazing. I know the Aldi champagne tastes lovely, just as good as bigger brands. They also have a great stock of wine for around the £5 mark. That should keep everyone going throughout the festivities.

Last Minute Christmas Savings Tips

Board Games for Entertainment

Christmas is the time for the board games to provide perfect entertainment for all that time with the family. It will keep everyone entertained for a nice long period of time. We love games like trivial pursuit and the cereal box game. This is a great one. Get a cereal box, rip off the top and you have to take turns to pick it up with your teeth. Keeping ripping it so it goes lower and lower and you all take turns until you have one eventual winner. Someone who is flexible, they can pick up a flat bit of cardboard from the floor!!

This is a collaborative post with My Voucher Codes.


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