Don’t Panic its all going to be Okay #EUref #EUrefresult

Here is my quick don’t panic top 10 tips for dealing with the result of the EU referendum.

Top 10 Tips for dealing with the Panic

  1. Stop reading social media, particularly Facebook & Twitter.
  2. Think positive thoughts.
  3. Try to avoid TV/newspapers that focus on the news. All will have a strong view on whether its feast or famine.
  4. I am currently watching Maria Forleo TV, a life coach guru. Also listening to Scott Mills on Radio 1 for the music. They played Sugarhill gang not long ago (heart)
  5. Write a grateful list.
  6. Create a Goal board, pictures of what you are aiming for in the future. Print them out and pin to a board.
  7.  15-6-16 Grateful List

7. Write a short and achievable to-do list and have some focus today

8. Focus on this beautiful sunny day ahead, the nature surrounding you and the birds tweeting.

9. Hug your children. There may be tough economical times ahead but it will get better with time, positivity ad determination. Like any distraction in life.

10. Everything is Firguroutable. Love this from Maria Forleo.


Everything Is Figureoutable: My Oprah SuperSoul Session


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