Paradise Park – A day out with the family in Hertfordshire

Paradise Park – A perfect family day out in Hertfordshire

Last weekend on father’s day hubby was recovering from a hangover after a stag do so the boys and I escaped early to leave him to vegetate on the sofa in peace whilst we headed out to Paradise Park. I call that the perfect father’s day pressie. We have been to Paradise Park a few times but I know there are lots of bits that we have never seen or experienced before so the trip this time was to try a bit of everything.  Have a read for more on why we love Paradise Park a day out with the family in Hertfordshire.

Paradise Park – A day out with the family in Hertfordshire

Paradise Park Animals

First stop was a walk around the animals, this is something I have done time and time again and never tire of. As it was early lots of the animals were out and about or eating. My top 3 animals were 3) The snow leopards, 2) the white lions and 1) The otters were just too cute. The boys loved 3) the cheetahs eating chunks of meat, 2) the monkeys for amusement and 1) the meerkats.

29-6-16 lions at paradise park

29-6-16 otters at paradise park

29-6-16 cheetahs at paradise park

Bird Display

After a 20-minute stop at the snake helter-skelter and the bouncy castles we went to watch the bird display. 10 minutes early meant a perfect place to eat our packed lunch I had brought with us. The bird show was brilliant. We got to see the cutest parrots, a huge owl swooping right above our heads and a crazy golden hawk from the Falklands who sneaks into tents to steal food and can open a picnic basket.29-6-16 falklands hawk at paradise park

Crazy Golf

Next was crazy golf which normally costs as extra £1.50 per person. I didn’t even know this existed! The boys had a wonderful time. I didn’t keep score as I felt tired at that point so sat at every point I could;-) They wanted to repeat the 18 holes..please no.. onto the splash park.

Splash Lagoon

29-6-16 splash park at paradise parkThe splash lagoon is another thing we have never done before mainly because I normally forget the swimming shorts. I remembered this time so they were happy for 30 minutes. Jack did not want to get out ever.

Woodland Walk

Ice cream time for the boy and the woodland walk to keep me happy. There is a stunning woodland walk where the wolves, reindeers and dinosaurs live. Jack was most impressed with seeing kung-fu panda. We gave the reindeers some food. There is a beautiful pond with an RSPB bird lookout. We saw a few ducks and moorhens. Can’t beat a bit of nature.

29-6-16 woodland walk at paradise park

We walked through the outdoor play section, and spent another 30 minutes doing the assault course, bouncy castle slide, swings, pirate ship, fire engine and train..which took us to 3pm for the reptile encounter.

Reptile Encounter

29-6-16 snake at paradise parkThis was the highlight of the day for Josh, who was desperate to get near a snake. He certainly did, the head/hair in the picture is Josh. This is a python. There were too many people to touch the snake, too stressful. I would feel the same snakey.

The day was complete and we headed over to the discovery centre to say thank you and good bye to the lovely team and headed home.

A brilliant day thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Particularly hubby who got to watch formula 1, golf and football in peace.

Go on over to their website to book tickets for summer holiday amusement. There are often money saving deals out there and vouchers so be sure to check out vouchercode sites and hotukdeals etc for a great deal.

This post is written in collaboration with Paradise Park and we received the tickets and VIP bands free of charge.


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  1. We love Paradise Park! We don’t live too far and go usually go a couple of times in the summer.
    We have never tried the Splash Lagoon though, maybe next time.

    1. Yeah…the splash park was a nice and quiet bit in the middle. Its not massive but kept my boys happy for 30 minutes!

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