How to Surprise your Mum for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day when mums want to feel special. They want to feel loved.  And they want a day that is different from the norm. Even though we may be mother’s ourselves, we want our mums to feel special too. Here we look at some of the surprises your mum will really enjoy on Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day is all about giving sincere acknowledgement to mums for all they do, even if a lot of the details of their caring go unnoticed much of the time. Noticing and appreciating their love and hard work is very precious to mums.  For young children, this could be the surprise of a handmade card. 

For those marking Mother’s Day to celebrate their wife as well as their mother, a precious gift is very meaningful. A bouquet dies within a week, so choose flowers that last a lifetime, with an Eternity Rose for Mother’s Day. This is a natural rose picked at the peak of perfection and then preserved for a lifetime. This is a unique gift for the unique mothers in your life.

A day of freedom

On Mother’s Day, mums want a day of freedom. This could be to do something spontaneous or to do whatever they wanted. Your mum may just want some time alone if she is busy with work and caring for seniors and grandchildren as part of her daily life. You will need to consider what a day of freedom would look like to your mum and surprise her by making it happen. This could be time at home alone without needing to consider the needs of children. She may want time away from home as the house is a constant reminder of chores not yet completed.

Time with Family

Many mums would like to have a fun day with their children on Mother’s Day. If this is the case with you, then be the one to plan and organise this. This could be booking a lunch date with her and the closest members of the family, going to the beach, having a picnic and surprising her with a visit from a child that lives some distance away and isn’t expected to attend.

Do her chores

To help her relax whilst she spends time with her family, organise for the usual chores of the day to be completed by you and others. If you are not sure what these are, listen to what she feels stressed about and make sure that you arrange to get these done.  This could be as simple as fixing a leaking tap, cleaning her car or doing the laundry. 

Let her be pampered

You can pamper her the entire day, or you can have time put aside for pampering. Book an appointment so she can have a massage, have time at a spa alone or with girlfriends, or have her nails done. You might want to do this pampering yourself if she cannot travel or if money is an issue. Bring along her favourite magazines and a preloaded playlist of her favourite tunes. A foot, hand, head and neck or full body massage in a lightly scented room will be a treat and leave her to relax for as long as she wants with her favourite drink.

A new experience

Find out what is going on in your nearest town or city.  There may be a new art gallery, music store or fashion outlet that you know she will love but will be a complete surprise to her. There may be hidden gems that you can search out at your local tourism office. You can also gift a new experience on the day that she can enjoy at a later date, like an art class, tickets to see her favourite singer or sports team or a hot air balloon ride at sunset.


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