Making Money – How I became a contestant on The Chase

Making Money – How I became a contestant on The Chase

I met super lucky Di Coke a few years ago at a money blogging conference, we immediately clicked, and I was in awe of her comping success. I was excited to learn that she was a contestant on Tipping Point, and she inspired me. If Di can go a huge quiz (I love Ben Shepherd!) then so can I. So, I went for the best show on TV and applied to go on The Chase!!

Here is my chase story, that I can finally reveal now that the episode is being aired today on 6th November 2019!!

Step 1 Form Completion

At each stage you must dazzle the researchers, so if anything, this form filling stage is the most important. Be honest and entertaining in your responses. Tell them a funny story that will stand out from the thousands upon thousands that they receive. Take a bit of time over this as they key to get you into second stage of an audition

Step 2 Audition

Really quickly after sending off the form I received a phone call from the research team inviting me into the ITV offices for an audition. HOW EXCITING. Two weeks later I was in the London offices meeting three of the members from The Chase Team.

There was around 12 of us potential contestants there for the audition. Charming and amusing personality was switched on from arrival.

We each had to show that we were comfortable on camera with an introduction to who we were. Then it was over to test version of the chase show. We were split into team and practised some questions. My favourite bit was where we did a practise Chase at the end answering as many questions as possible in two minutes. My team did really well!

After the audition we were taken into another room and split into two groups, four of us, including me had been successful at the audition and had a place in the pool of contestants for the actual TV programme!

There was no guarantee that we would definitely appear on the show, but the odds were in my favour!

Step 3 A False Alarm – I nearly became a contestant on The Chase

The filming is done in Borehamwood, which is not far from where I live. I received a phone call around three months later asking if I could go into the studio to be a standby contestant. If anyone fell ill or decided they couldn’t take part as a contestant I would go on as a standby contestant.

I was told this would increase my chances of getting onto the actual show as a contestant, so I said yes. I spent a fun 8 hours in the studio watching three episodes of the chase being filmed, willing contestants to change their mind or to fall ill. No one did. I went home without an appearance.

Step 4 The Real Deal

contestant on The Chase

Finally, a year after my initial audition I had the call to say I had been chosen to be a contestant!! How exciting. There were three, count them, yes three phone calls with every question asked under the sun about my life, family, funny stories.

Finally filming day arrived and I was to arrive for the first show being filmed that day at 7am. There was a long briefing. Wardrobe checks and make up and finally we were escorted into the studio for filming.

I was the second team member to answer questions. I had a great chat with Bradley Walsh, honestly such a nice man, genuinely interested in what everyone has to say. He absolutely does his best to settle everyone’s nerves.

I did incredibly well in the one-minute general knowledge round. 9 questions answered and I went for the £9k offer when I was up against my favourite chase Jenny The Vixen!

Tune into ITV at 5pm on Wednesday 6th Nov to see what happened next, did I win any money? Did I go through to the final chase and be in with a chance of winning the jackpot?

If you are reading this after this date here is a clip from the show! To be added after it airs!

I can honestly say this was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life. I felt an incredible amount of pressure, which lead to silly mistakes. Hey ho.

Any regrets, absolutely none!


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6 Responses

  1. How fabulous is that? It’s my favourite quiz, and I just LOVE Bradley Walsh. I have also applied – had a phone call to invite me to an audition in Plymouth, but I was in Spain at the time. Took me about a year to get to that stage, but they will be calling me in when they are in the area again. I made sure the researcher remembered me. Excited now!

  2. You were great, terrific cash builder & we were willing you on – a massive blow to the team when The Vixen chased you down!

    Well done for going on & glad that Brad is as lovely as he seems!

    Oh, and I’ll read your blogs!

    1. Thank you!! I was beyond gutted to not get through, I knew I had a great chance of getting the money. Ah well, all down to experience! Bradley and Jenny were beyond lovely.

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