Monday Money #76 The Chase & Emotional Spending control

Its been a strange week. challenging in many ways, but then wonderful in others. It was busy with things for the boys. It was Dylan’s birthday and he had a big cross country competition. I had lots of deadlines to meet and I FINALLY had my appearance on The Chase televised!

Emotional Spending on Food

I have struggled hugely with emotional spending this week. But this time its been spending on food. I lived last week from one day to the next and went to Co-op or Tesco or Sainsburys every day for food. Random things were bought, much was unhealthy and convenience food and I spent a small fortune on food for a week.

I have a new tool to help me and it has certainly made me realise on a bigger scale how much I am spending and how it is making me feel. I have downloaded the Emma app  and have connected up the two cards I use for all regular spending that I need to get under control.

There is a review of the app coming soon, but early days I can see that it is really helping me to understand my level of spending. And this week will be different. It tells me that I spent £120 of food during the week. Far, far too much for food for the boys and I. 

The daily messages are really helping me to get control over my spending. I shall report back next week if there has been an improvement.

I was on The Chase!!

Finally after a year of waiting after the filming my episode of The Chase was aired last week!! I relived the experience watching the show back. It was amazing and yet again I felt the feeling of being so gutted that I didnt get through to the final chase. I wrote about my experience here and how you can become a contestant. There is also a video that pops up on my website of my amazing cash builder. 9k!!! I got 9 questions right, I so should have won the money.

I did try to get my website mentioned, but it was edited out. However Bradley Walsh and I did spend alot of time talking about my site, enough for people to go searching for me. I saw a nice traffic spike on the day of the show. Extra traffic means more money earned from advertising revenue on my website. That day of traffic earned me $30!!



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Super proud of my cash builder. Did you see me on @itvchase today😳😳⭐✨❤?? #thechase #thechaseuk #quizshow #famousfor5minutes #takeachance #grabtheopportunity

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Voucher codes to save money on Birthday Treats

For Dylans birthday he chose to go bowling and to have Domino’s pizza. Two things that I knew I could get discounts on with some searching! Firstly the bowling, at Hollywood bowl. I found a voucher for 20% saving on our game. We can only manage one game, two games is too long for Jack who gets bores and frustrated!

For Domino’s I always go to Latest Deals who have a Dominos voucher finder. Pop in your postcode and it gives you a whole list of up to date vouchers that can be used to save. 40% off £40 spend, 35% off £20 spend. There are so many different vouchers, chose the one according to your spend to save a nice chunk of Pizza cost! I have never ever paid full price for Domino’s pizza!!

Reverse Advent Calendar

Its time to put aside one item every day into my reverse advent calendar. I do this every November with my wonderful UK Money Blogger community. We campaign on mass to get our readers to do the same. Collect items for a month and then donate to your local food bank. Making a real difference for Christmas this year.


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