A Great Mattress is Essential for a Good Night’s Sleep

A Great Mattress is Essential for a Good Night’s Sleep

Healthy eating, drinking water and exercise are an important part of healthy living. But the one simple thing more important that any of these is that we can all easily get more of is sleep! A great night’s sleep is essential to healthy living, to good mental health and to feeling better about yourself.

One of the most important aspects of sleep is the environment that you sleep in. And a comfortable mattress is top of the list for a great night’s sleep. Casper mattresses come highly recommended and can really help you to have a better life after a better night’s sleep.

Regular memory foam mattresses can cause you to overheat, yes, I can confirm that, my existing mattress makes me overheat every night. The Casper mattress shout about its all-season breathability. The open-cell top layer allows air flow for cooler sleep, perfect for when its warmer and cooler.

Top Quality Support

The mattress offers top quality support. After multiple levels of testing the perfect mattress has been created with 4 perfect foam layers for ultimate comfort. Just look at this picture, the model’s hips and shoulders sink into the mattress with the spine completely aligned. Meaning the perfect comfort needed for a great night’s sleep.

Choosing Your Mattress

There are three main types of mattress to choose between The Hybrid, The Casper and the Essential. With the essential being one of the best mattresses Which has ever tested!

The Hybrid – Top of the Range

The top of the range mattress made from pressure relieving foams and a layer of springs. The end result is an incredibly supportive and luxury feel. With prices for a double starting from £800

  • Zoned Support™
  • High-density memory foam layer
  • Open-cell foams sleep cool
  • Transition layer for comfort
  • Springs provide added lift
  • Individual coils for increased airflow

The Casper – The best-selling mattress

Made from pressure relieving memory foam, with double mattress costing £600. It combines pressure relieving memory foam with perfect contour cuts for ultimate comfort.

  • Zoned Support™
  • High-density memory foam layer
  • Open-cell foams sleep cool
  • Transition layer for comfort

The Essential – the lowest priced option

You can buy a Casper mattress online priced at £400 for a double and £450 for a king sized. It was awarded the which best buy coveted award. It has the signature ‘just right’ feel.

  • Zoned Support™
  • Open-cell foams sleep cool

Ordering and Delivery

The mattress is simple and easy to order and will be delivered in a box like above within 1 to 3 days. All mattresses you will be pleased to hear are manufactured in the UK.

And the best bit is the 100 guarantees.

You are free to try to mattress for 100 days, if you decide its not right Casper will collect the mattress and give you a full refund. No risk!

Loved by Celebrities

The list of celebs that love the Casper mattress is impressive, including Gillian Anderson (anyone loving her in Sex Education on Netflix?!) and Poppy Delevingne. I can’t wait to try one out and have the most comfortable night’s sleep ever.


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