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A question that I am asked most regularly currently by my readers and during media interviews is, “How do I save money on my Christmas shopping?” I always reply with this same guidance and people are often surprised to hear about Idealo and how they can help everyone to find the best prices for all your Christmas Gifts.

Firstly, I suggest that you write a list of all the people you are thinking about gifting to. Go through that list and rationalise it, are they people that you want to give a gift to, or are they maybe family members where you have gifted for the past 20 years and it has become habit. Can you have a conversation with these people to say, perhaps we could stop gifting this year? How many bubble bath sets does one person need!

This should make your list of people to gift to smaller and you can start to think of gifts for the people remaining on the list. Idealo is the perfect website to help you save money on those gifts.

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How Does Idealo Work?

Idealo is a research and shopping tool that takes the hassle out of finding the lowest prices for those gifts that you are buying. Enter the item into the website/app (I personally love the app, super user friendly) and you are given a list of all of the retailers where you can buy your chosen item from in price order, meaning you can find the cheapest place to buy that item without you doing any of the searching! You can then click straight through to the retailer from Idealo and make the purchase.

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Idealo also gives you historic pricing to allow you to see price rises and drops. If the price is higher when you are looking it might be worth waiting a few weeks before buying and setting up a price alert. Idealo will then let you know when the price drops on the item that you want to buy.

Using Idealo to find the best prices for all your Christmas Gifts for 2020

I want to share how easy Idealo is to use by searching for some must have gifts for this Christmas, sharing the difference in prices from retailers and historical information. Why not check out the website or app and pop in the details of some of the gifts on your list.

Nintendo Switch

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This is on my list for this year, the boys are getting a Wii as a shared present. I can see that the best price is on eBay at £268.99, many other places are £278, including Curry’s, Amazon, 365 games and

Looking at the historical information the price stays at around £270/£280 but has dropped to £200 at one point in October, I am thinking it might be worth hanging on until Black Friday to see what happens with this price. I have set up a push notification on the app, Idealo will let me know when the price changes. You can also set up an email notification to notify you if the price reaches a certain point of say £250.

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Apple AirPods

A top gift for last year and remain super popular this year as well. The price of these has significantly dropped over the past year, starting off at £140, now around £110, but they have dropped to around £80 during the summer months. The historical information is indicating that the price is reducing, good news!

The lowest prices retailer now is eBay at £112.45, followed closely by at £119.93. Idealo also handily shows if postage is included or excluded.

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FIFA 2021

The must have computer game for so many children and adults. I am searching for this game on the Xbox device, but you can amend to whichever games console you have. The price started at £60 when it launched and is already down to around £40. The best price being from £39.85. I think this could be best time to buy this game.

Monopoly Friends Edition

A game that I have seen appear in many must have gift lists. We all love Friends and now we can play Monopoly Friends! A board game is a must for a family gift list. The current price is £24.79 with it dropping as low as £20 since July 2020. Idealo does indicate that the price is rising so now might well be the best time to buy.

The lowest price retailer by 20p (!) is Toy Street, followed by iWoot and Zavvi. But the lowest total price is Amazon at £25 when you take delivery into account.

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Present Pets

I spotted this gift on TV and thought it was amazing for smaller children. A super popular interactive gift that would provide much un-wrapping excitement on Christmas day. The pet opens up its box itself!!

It is currently priced at £49.99 and the price is dropping, so definitely one to wait for. Get it for £49.99 at Cool Shop including delivery.

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Lego – Star Wars Yoda

No Christmas is complete for children or adults without a new Lego set to build. I am thinking Star Wars becomes ever more popular with The Mandalorian now on Disney +. This Lego Yoda looks great. Priced currently at £78.99 from iWoot including delivery. The price has been very stable since the summer of 2020 so this is probably the lowest it will go. It’s a huge £11 more expensive at the Lego shop!


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Give Idealo a Try

Give Idealo a try yourself, download the app and search for the items on your Christmas list to get an idea of prices and where you can buy to save as much as possible.

Download the Apple app here and the Android App here, or visit the website.

This is a collaborative post with Idealo. The prices were correct as of the 11th Nov 2021.


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