Monday Money #126 Supporting Small Business and Autumn Sunshine

Happy Monday everyone. I trust that everyone is surviving lockdown two, helped out by a few days of sunshine over the past week. I very much made the most of it and went for two mega long walks in the sunshine, albeit very muddy! My Thursday walk was amazing where I found the huge herd of deer at Knebworth house, maybe 200 of them. I loved it.

Excluded UK

I am a member of the Excluded UK community, you may have heard from us with much press coverage these past few weeks. Excluded UK is a community of 3 million people in the UK who have been excluded from any government grants and support to help over difficult covid times.

I am excluded as I structure my business as a small limited company and pay myself via dividends, I pay both corporation and personal tax. Also excluded are those recently self employed and those who earn less than 50% of their earnings from self-employment.

I just want to shout out the community who are doing so much to lobby the government that we ALL need support. Some of the stories I read in the the Excluded UK Facebook group are upsetting, people are using all their savings to live, they are having to sell their house, turning to food banks.

Supporting Small Business

Following on from this main story I am doing all I can to support small business now and in the lead up to Christmas. Small business needs our help and our money, think about shopping there before turning to Amazon. Your pounds will make a difference between success and failure of so many small businesses.

I have supported Sarah at Reborn Yoga this week purchasing a homemade relaxing eye pillow and yoga jumper. Beautiful products and Sarah will be donating another relaxing eye pillow to a teenage charity with every purchase made.

I am sharing lots of my favourite businesses over on my Instastories so be sure to follow me on Instagram.

My Book on Scummy Mummies

And following the mention of Instagram, I have just hit 14k followers after a wonderful share of my book by Helen of the Scummy Mummies. I had a burst of new followers, thank you lovely Helen. Scummy Mummies is so worth following, Helen and Ellie are hilarious, true mummy life is what you get from those girls. One day I will see you live!

This also meant that I sold a nice chunk of books last week too. If you would like a copy you can buy it here, a perfect read for lockdown. I promise its not a boring money book, its laced with personal life stories of learnings, some successes, some failure, but all shared to help you avoid the mistakes that I made.

Financial Wellbeing Talk

I spoke to a large group of Catalyst employees on Thursday about financial well being. We covered the basics of personal finance for now, with money mindset, budgeting, debt repayment, money savings tips and money making. We also covered personal finance for the future with investing, pensions an protection. There were so many questions at the end of the session, they were very engaged and interested and had lots of great savings habits. 50 books made their way over to the company to give to the people who joined the webinar.

If you think your company would benefit from this please get in contact via email or via social media!

Remortgage reward from Trussle

I had a nice surprise email last week from Trussle with a £100 Amazon voucher. Trussle are my mortgage broker of choice who helped me out with my re-mortgage earlier this year. Re mortgaging is a great way to save lots f money each month by moving to a better interest rate. If you are thinking of doing this follow this refer a friend link to see what your options are, if your mortgage application is successful we BOTH get £100 in Amazon vouchers.

Thank you for reading Monday Money!


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