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When it comes to the end of November and we finally greet December… There is likely only one thing on our minds: Christmas. Christmas seems to take up every second thought during December and there are always a lot of things to prepare for the big day. For example, gifts are always a big part of the festive season, and if you have family and friends who stay in touch from afar, you’ll need to get organised with their gifts now. Here are some of the easiest ideas for gifts you can post across the country or the world for your family for Christmas.

Wine or Beer

When it comes to thinking of standard Christmas gifts, there are 2 things which immediately come to mind: Chocolate and alcohol. Chocolate can be a little risky when it comes to sending for long distances, however alcohol is the ideal choice. Anything such as a good bottle of wine, a crate of beer or a fancy Whiskey can be the perfect thing to send over to a family member you are unable to see this year.


If you know the person you are sending to very well, you can always go down the more cosy route of Christmas and buy them some lovely pyjamas or a thick jumper. You can send this by large parcel delivery and the beauty of this kind of gift is that it isn’t perishable. You can get it sent off early and give them the option to swap or return it if it doesn’t fit.

Home Decor

If your family member or friend has recently moved into a new house and they are looking to start a life in their new location, a lovely idea for a Christmas gift would be something for their house. You could buy them an appliance or something they need for the home, or you could go for a more personal touch and by them a photo frame, a canvas or something such as a candle or ornament. It will be something they can have in their house all year long and it will remind them of you.


Gadgets are something which everyone appreciates these days, and if you want to get your family or friends something they really want or need, technology such as a hard drive, cables or a device can be a great thing to post. You can even think about a video game which they love or one they want and this can be easily sent through the post with minimal fee due to the lightweight of it.

Stocking Fillers

Socks… chocolate coins… a Satsuma… all of these things tend to be common stocking fillers however not all of these things will travel well. If you want to send a bunch of stocking fillers to your family to friends you can consider things like teabags and hot chocolate, a mug, festive earrings, face masks… there are lots of great cheap gifts to add to their parcel which will travel well and easily arrive in one piece.

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