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The Tena Lady Discreet

The day before my 40th birthday I was invited along to the most fabulous event, it was the kind of event that you simply cannot say no to. We were to head to Soho hotel for a champagne reception, a burlesque dancing class and then nibbles. We were to discover a fabulous new product from Tena lady that will literally give you the freedom to do whatever you want and have no issues with bladder weakness.

Now there are certain topics that I want to write about. Taboo subjects that many people are uncomfortable talking about, I am more than happy to discuss. When there is a product that helps with a problem like bladder weakness then I want to share it with the masses.

Back to the Event

tena lady discreetThe Soho Hotel is beautiful. I have lived in or around London for 22 years now and I cannot believe I have never been to this place. As you walk in you are greeted by a giant cat and you are surround by colour tena lady discreet and beauty. The chairs are stunning, the flowers are adorable. It even smelt good, I always think that’s the sign of a good hotel.


I met my wonderful friend Emma of Emma and 3 website in the reception and we took a few photos, of course we are bloggers! We were escorted downstairs to the burlesque room to meet Hannah and Camden from the PR agency. It was everything you imagined from a burlesque room there were feather, balloons, flowers, mirrors, great lighting and champagne.

tena lady discreet

We began with some strawberries dipped in chocolate and a glass of sparkles and chatted amongst ourselves. There were a few bloggers there, from fitness to lifestyle and parenting, all of us up for trying something new and getting involved.

We listened to a presentation about the new Tena lady discreet product. This is a fabulous new product that has been designed to be 20% thinner than existing Tena lady products. The thinness makes the pads more like the menstrual pads ladies will be used to using. And they really are thin. They offer Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture for complete comfort, security and reassurance. This feels like a huge step change for these products and will make them more accessible to the estimated ¼ of women over 40 who suffer from bladder weakness.

Freebie Alert

For free samples of the Tena Lady Discreet range visit here

The Burlesque lesson

tena lady discreetOur burlesque dancing lesson kicked off. We had feather boas and feather for our hair to get us in the mood. A couple us changed into heels, you need heels for burlesque dancing yes? We started with a warm up and then learnt some the classic burlesque moves from the Dita Von Teese and other burlesque dancers who’s name now escape me! We had to think of our own burlesque names, I chose Emerald Beattie. Apparently, a good burlesque choice is a gem stone and your maiden name..who knew?

We then put a whole burlesque routine together as a group to music. It was tena lady discreethilarious we laughed so much and such a great time. The routine was practised a few times and then recorded it on video, I look forward to seeing that. We took lots and lots of pictures and had a right laugh about trying something new and different.

We ‘retired’ to a dining room and ate the most amazing crab cakes, spring rolls and fish and chips. Followed by chocolate brownie and macaroons. We had a great chat over nibbles about our blogs.

This really was an amazing way to spend the last afternoon of my 30’s. And don’t forget to order your freebie trial of Tena Lady discreet.

Disclaimer – I attended this event free of charge.


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  1. The desire to learn to dance is natural and legitimate in today’s world. One can list the reasons from obvious and popular pragmatic desires, such as to start moving or to lose weight, to unconscious and even existential ones. This is because dancing is at the subtle intersection of the inner and outer world, physical and spiritual. On top of that, music becomes a driver that cannot leave anyone indifferent. The progressive training program is the best thing that happened to me.

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