Powershop – A New Electricity Provider Arrives in the UK

Powershop – A New Electricity Provider Arrives in the UK

I have just received my latest bill from my electricity company. I get an email every month with an estimate (of course) of what we have used and then an amount relating to that estimated usage. It’s just so frustrating! In these current technological times, why do I still have a big monthly bill calculated using a random estimate?  Anyway have a read on what this new electricity provider is offering and a way to solve my problem?

Have you tried Powershop? A new electricity provider arrives in the UK and could save you money. #SavingMoney #Budget

I know that I pay £66 per month for our gas and electricity, this is the direct debit set up with the company when I transferred over last July. Rather worryingly when I look at my bills they have calculated rather different amounts for my usage. I have incurred charges of the following, charged £110 for January, £76 for February and £97 for March usage. Do I need to be worried about this? The charges are in effect made up, based on an estimate of usage. But what if they are right and we are building up a big debt problem? The problem is my lower direct debit of £66 is what’s leaving my bank account.

Put your hands up if you have had an overpayment or underpayment on your electricity bill? I know I have had both over my bill paying years. I once had a huge bill of £300 after 18 months of estimates and insufficient direct debits. I have also had money back as a credit, but I don’t want an energy company sitting on a nice balance of my money earning interest, I want it in my pocket!

I just want control

I JUST WANT TO PAY for what I use, when I use it. And if I get a week where charges are high I want to be able to change the behaviour that caused the bills to skyrocket. I want to be able to look back and think okay it was cold and we did a lot of tumble drying. We used the oven every day and I was working from home every day, hence the high spending week. This week I am going to wear lots of layers, not use the heating and put the wet clothes on the washing line to dry. I could even get the kids to obey the 5-minute shower timer. I just want to have control of our spending!

You can see my problem and it’s not just my problem. Its shared by many people in the country. Too many of us are paying too much for a bill that is estimated. Alas, there is a solution.


Powershop is a new electricity provider arriving in the UK. And you know what…they are going to give us customers flexibility and control. How I hear you cry! They are flipping the energy model on its head and get this, you will be able to buy your energy before you use it, revolutionary. Think of it like petrol, when your petrol tank is empty you buy some more and it’s up to you how much you buy, you could fill the tank or just buy enough to keep you going for a week.


With Powershop, you will able to buy a pack of electricity at a great value price that will cover you for as long as you want. You can even take advantage of special offer bundles and buy electricity at a later date at a special price. This is ultimate flexibility, you can even pay for electricity on a daily basis if you want to.
It feels like a pay as you go model where you can choose how much to top up when you want and you pay for exactly what you use.


There is a great hub of information available in the Powershop online account. You can get into the nitty-gritty of your usage and spending by day, week and month. And you can easily buy your power packs. Here is a demo of a desktop Powershop account.

There is also a simple and easy to use app available on IOS and Android with similar information to the desktop. It enables you to buy your electricity on the go.

Customer Service

I have been known to moan about the customer service of Energy companies on my blog, they don’t have the best reputation for giving clear guidance and advice. Powershop take a huge amount of pride in their customer service, wanting to become known for their strong customer service skills. This is so important in an industry where it’s common to have problems so I feel reassured by this.

Ready to Switch?

Are you feeling ready for a change, ready to move your electricity provider to something new and different? Are you wanting value, control, and flexibility? Well now is the time, go the Powershop website and start the switching process. You won’t regret it.

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    1. Totally, its an industry that has worked the same way for donkeys years..so its rather refreshing to see a product that is different and that you can control.

    1. No me either….I just like to see a company doing something a bit different with great pricing too.

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