Brilliant Value Aldi Christmas Day Booze

Brilliant Value Aldi Christmas Day Booze

Aldi Christmas Day Booze

Is your household like ours on Christmas day? One where a fair bit of booze is partaken throughout the day? This could be an expensive affair, unless you get your boozy treats from Aldi! We are spending Christmas day with our friends, who live just down the road. It makes Christmas day relaxed and chilled out. We literally eat, drink and play games! Just remember folks if you are doing the same please drink responsibly.

Here is how we spend the day with a few suggestions for drink to go with each stage of the day.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, we will be at home. No doubt we will be up extra early with the boys in their excitement of seeing if Father Christmas has arrived. The morning will be a chilled-out affair opening everything up and playing with everything.

Christmas breakfast is normally a decadent affair with croissants stuffed with melted cheese and ham served up with a spot of buck’s fizz. The Aldi Prosecco Superiore will be used for the buck’s fizz, a lovely spot of DOCG prosecco and will cost you £7.99 for a bottle.

Aldi Christmas Day Booze

Food Preparation with a cocktail

We are preparing some of the food here and transporting it down the road to our friends’ house so whilst we prepare the roast beef and turkey crown it’s time to sip a homemade cocktail. Gin is my spirit of choice and I love most gin cocktails.

I have picked out two cocktails to try out on Christmas day, firstly the Southside, also knows at the mojito, gin style. Yum.

For one cocktail, you will need a 50ml measure of gin, 20ml of lime, 15ml of sugar syrup (you can make this up yourself with equal parts sugar to water heated up so the sugar dissolves) and a few mint leaves.

Put all the ingredients into a cocktails shaker, give it a good shake then pour into a chilled martini glass, add one mint leaf for garnish. Perfect.

The second cocktail of gin choice is the Elderflower Collins. A cocktail in a tall glass, perhaps more refreshing and drinkable. For one cocktail, you need 50ml of gin, 20ml of lemon, 10ml of sugar syrup and 10ml of elderflower cordial. Mix these ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and then pour into a tall glass topping up with soda water or maybe a touch of the before mentioned prosecco to turn it into an elderflower royale!!

The big event, the Christmas Dinner

Of course, dinner must start with a toast to the beautiful food and company and a glass of champagne. I am a huge fan of the Aldi Veuve Monsigny Brut, a most delicious champagne to rival the big names, costing £10.99 per bottle.

Aldi Christmas Day Booze

And then it’s the turn of the wine. We have chosen the red wines Baron Amarillo Rioja Reserva at £5.79 and the Animus Douro at £4.99 to accompany the main. And the Greco di Tufo white wine at £6.99.

Games time

As the day progresses the drinks get a little mixed up, there will be more cocktails and more wine and more fizz if there is any left. Maybe we might switch over to a beer or cider for something a bit different? After dinner and desserts and then cheese we settle down to a few games. Trivial pursuit is a must for Christmas day, which can get a tad competitive! And then we also have speak-out for a bit more fun. By this time, we’ll be suitable fed and watered so it will be lots of fun.

What are your favourite traditional tipples for Christmas day?

Disclosure – I was gifted the wine pictured by Aldi.


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