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So January is over, well more than over its the 6th of Feb…thankfully!! I really dislike this time of the year and struggle if I’m honest to stay happy and motivated. Work is always a challenge, the weather is bad, I’ve put on weight after Christmas..and to top it all the extension still isn’t finished!!!!

Every weekend work continues, progress is now slow as its not happening every day…the house is constantly messy, walls being drilled, more electrics being done. More dust everywhere. The curtains and poles have been removed.

If only we could be finished:-) We have a snagging list that gets ticked off each week with the little jobs that are getting done. Its the little things like, door locks, lights, cupboards being built. Small things, all the majors are done. Flooring is done, carpets upstairs and vinyl/wood type flooring downstairs. Skirting boards removed and replaced. Door frames done. Window ledges redone.

Most of the furniture has arrived, new sofa and dining table from

2014-01-26 16.24.16

Check out the new table and chairs, along with first roast dinner for friends a couple of weekends back:-) I found this table/a very similar version in John Lewis for £999…..far too much money…with the matching chairs the John Lewis bill was £1800. This one from with 8 chairs came to £980….with a 4% cashback deal on top of this. So was very happy with my money saving here.

We are currently on the search for storage and units for the living room. Thinking Ikea to match the look of the table. Also looking for accessories with colour, we need a mirror, a feature painting (??maybe), brightly coloured cushions, we need quite a lot! I plan to buy these things mostly from with vouchers we got for Christmas.

And I have to come clean with budgets, this has been the most challenging budget exercise of all. mainly because I appear to have missed things from the budget/didn’t allow enough contingency. I think we’ll come in at the amount I started with. At that time it was a scary number that seemed too big, and we were sure we could save money from it. but alas we havnt. I’m so looking forward to finishing and having the house valued. And am desperate to know if we have created more value than we have spent!!

Next time I post will hopefully be the last with lots of pretty pictures of finished rooms:-)





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