Black Friday Shopping Top Tips and Tricks

Black Friday Shopping Top Tips and Tricks

No one can avoid the constant adverts all over the TV, radio and press at the moment, yes Black Friday is here! Friday 24th November marks Black Friday this year and oh yes, there are bargains galore to be had. But how do you make your way through the plethora of offers and find the real gems. I am bringing you my top tips and tricks for getting the most out of black Friday. These tips will not only save you money but also stress and time!

What is Black Friday?

I have worked in retail for most of my working life. I worked at Tesco, Threshers (remember the booze company who went bust?!) and EE. I remember us in the retail world starting to take notice of Black Friday around 6 years ago when I was working at EE. Since then it has grown bigger and bigger with more companies pouring millions of marketing investment into this event.

It originates from America of course, and is always the Friday following thanksgiving. It is so called black as it represents the time in the year when retailer’s profits turn to black from red. Black friday is the time of the year when retailers make a huge chunk of their money and thus profit. It is also the busiest shopping day of the year!


My top tip is to approach Black with a planned approach. Have a list of exactly you wanted to buy for all those Christmas gifts. In the lead up to Black Friday do some research and work out the before sale price. This is what I mean about planning.

The number 1 gift on our list for the boys is a Nintendo switch with Mario Kart. I have been watching the price of this for a while now and it’s not really moved from £279 for the console and I know that the game is £47 at best.

I shall approach Black Friday in a logical manner. First things first I will on the My Voucher Codes website looking for electronic deals and vouchers. This will give me a great idea which of the big retailers are offering Black Friday discounts. From there I will direct straight through to the retailer so I can search for my Nintendo switch and get the best deal going. I will do for several retailers so checking partners such as Argos, Curry’s, Tesco Direct. I can then compare them all to ensure I can get the best deal on the Nintendo Switch.


Keep your eye on your list and stay focussed on those gifts. The whole point of effective Black Friday shopping is to save money on something that you were going to buy anyway. Stay away from the 62-inch television. No, you do not need it, you especially don’t need the additional £500- £1000 leaving your bank account or worst case going onto a credit card. Don’t get distracted by the shiny best ever offers, just keep going for the items that you wanted on your list.

Online is the way Forward

I can’t imagine anything worse than shops packed with people and queues ten/twenty people deep. Who remembers that crazy video of people pushing people out of the way running for a half price television, horrendous. Online shopping is the only way I can recommend coping with black Friday shopping for much less stress and time saving. You can shop at your own time convenience from anywhere. And you are much less likely to impulse buy something you spy in a shop lots of people are flocking towards. And it’s the best way to take advantage of My Voucher Code discounts

What is on our black Friday shopping list?

We don’t have loads of big presents to buy thankfully. As I mentioned previously no 1 is the Nintendo Switch, a gift to be shared between the three boys. We also have a Samsung Tablet E for Josh. Dylan and Jack both got one each for their birthday and Josh now has to also have one. I paid £132 each for the tablets for Dylan and Jacks birthday so hopefully I can save on black Friday.

I am keen to get a few beauty products and there are lots of Health & Beauty Voucher Codes available. I am some some new skin care, serum and moisturiser. Along with new mascara, lippy and concealer.

I have also filmed a vlog with my top tips, take a look if you fancy a look at my very early Chrimbo decorations and my rich bright pink lipstick

Above everything don’t get stressed out with Black Friday and absolutely don’t go spending money that you don’t have on things that you don’t necessarily need.

This is a collaborative post.


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  1. Great tips. Black Friday can end up costing you more if you buy what you don’t want! I need to be prepared and have a clue what I want to buy! I will definitely combine price comparison sites with Zeek and voucher code websites too!

  2. Online is definitely the way forward, I can’t stand how busy the shops get. It’s definitely easier to keep a clear head and only buy what you need when you’re chilling at home too!

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