Best Vertical Radiators for Living Room

With many people moving into small apartments with limited wall space, central heating requirements have fallen to the back of their minds. Most people except that radiators for living rooms in a small space will be tucked behind a couch or hidden behind another crucial piece of furniture.

This has changed with the advent of vertical radiators. These slim, tall radiators use limited wall space and can efficiently heat a larger room.

We have cultivated a list of the five best vertical radiators to place in your living room that is aesthetically pleasing and has an excellent heat output.

Top 5 Vertical Radiators for Your Living Room

Here are the five best vertical radiators from Trade Radiators that you can find on their website.

1) Trade Direct Nevo Vertical Designer Radiator

The Trade Direct Nevo Vertical Designer Radiator comes in a gloss finish that complements the white or anthracite colourings. These stylish flat-panel vertical radiators are extremely slim and can go onto almost any wall where they will add to the decor of the living room.

The manufacturer offers a 15-year guarantee on the Nevo. It is 1,400 mm tall, 272 mm wide, and projects 82 mm from the wall. The BTU is 1,557, has four sections and is made from steel.

The Nevo currently retails for £124.28.

2) Apollo Milano Vertical Flat Panel Radiator

The Apollo Milano Vertical Flat Panel Radiator has a simplistic design that will be unobtrusive even in small spaces. This high output vertical radiator has optional single or double panels; however, the double panel radiator is heavier and will have to be installed on a load-bearing wall.

The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty on the Apollo vertical radiator, and it sells for £614.21.

This heater stands at 1,800 mm tall and 600 mm wide, and it projects 85 mm from the wall and comprises a single panel. It’s made from steel, with a BTU of 5,944.


3) DQ Cove Mirror Vertical Designer Radiator

DQ Cove Mirror Vertical Designer Radiators have a beautiful mirror section surrounded by heating panels. This elegant and stylish radiator will add a trendy vibe to a modern home, while the mirror makes it more than just a necessary piece of equipment – it adds function.

The sleek design makes this radiator an excellent choice for small living rooms.

The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the DQ Cove Mirror radiator, and it will cost you £213.53.

The Cove Mirror stands at 1,800 mm tall, 382 mm wide, and projects from the wall by 105 mm. It has a BTU of 1,688, is made from steel, and comprises four sections.

4) Nordic Gamma Aluminium Designer Vertical Radiator

The Nordic Gamma Aluminium Designer Vertical Radiator has a beautiful matt finish, which gives it a modern look. This radiator is slightly larger than others on the list, making it a good option for larger spaces. It has a great heat output and will work well in a large room.

The manufacturer offers a 15-year guarantee on the Gamma vertical radiator.

This heater measures 1,831 mm in height, 479 mm wide, and has a 77 mm projection. Its BTU is 3,845, and it is made from aluminium. The six-section heater will set you back £519.71 at the time of writing.

5) Reina Wave Vertical Aluminium Designer Radiator

Reina Wave Vertical Aluminium Designer Radiators are unlike any other radiator. This designer radiator consists of asymmetrical bars that transform the radiator into a beautiful piece of wall art.

These radiators are available in white and anthracite finishes with a textured feel. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also have excellent heat output.

The manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee on the Wave radiator, and it currently retails for £306.13.

This model is a fairly standard 1,800 mm tall in terms of height, and it’s 412 mm wide and will stick out from the wall by 78 mm. The BTU is a respectable 4,308, and it’s made from four aluminium sections.


Why should I get a vertical radiator?

Vertical radiators are increasing in popularity, and it is easy to see why. They make the most of narrow walls and take up less space, and they also have high heat output.

Vertical radiators are extremely versatile because of their narrow width, making them suitable for small bathrooms, living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.

On which wall should I install my radiator?

Vertical radiators will fit onto almost any wall, but you will need a wall with integrity that can support the weight of the radiator. Solid walls are recommended. If you have plasterboard walls, find out where the studs are and install the radiator on the strongest part of the wall.

Is a vertical radiator as good as a horizontal radiator?

Some consider vertical radiators even better than horizontal radiators because they take up less horizontal wall space and have good heat outputs.

People are concerned that a vertical radiator will cause heat to rise towards the ceiling, but that is an incorrect assumption. Whether you prefer flat panels or column radiators, they will be as efficient as traditional radiators.

Final Thoughts

You cannot go wrong with a stunning vertical radiator in your living space. Our favourite vertical radiators listed above will be a great choice for your living room, as they have stylish designs and high heat output.


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