What Awkward Moments have your children caused this week?

What Awkward Moments have your children caused this week? With Pukka Pies.

We all experience those awkward moments with our children, don’t we? A common occurrence for us, is walking around the supermarket, particularly when the boys were younger and would comment LOUDLY, on everything different they saw in how people looked. My top tip with these moments is to just pass it off, explaining that everybody looks different and beautiful in their own way!

Pukka Pies, the ultimate heartwarming family meal, have recently commissioned some research about these awkward moments, reminding us no matter what blush-inducing experience your day entails – whether your kids have called you out on a lie with friends, or sworn in public – with a pie on your plate, everything’s Pukka.

pukka pies


The Top 10 Awkward Moments for Parents 

1 Pointing out a stranger’s looks
2 Staring incessantly at a stranger in public
3 Telling someone something private said about them
4 Saying un-PC things in public
5 Innocently pronouncing a word incorrectly and getting the complete opposite meaning
6 Talking about their private parts loudly in public
7 Calling you out on a lie in public
8 Breaking something in a shop and causing a mess
9 Copying your swearwords
10 Coughing on a stranger

Pukka Pies’ research also reveals that when it comes to embarrassing mum and dad with family friends, kids are a dab hand. Four in ten have previously exposed private family information including the no-no’s of how much mum weighs and what dad earns.

Conversely it appears embarrassment isn’t a one-way street, with 50% of parents admitting to purposely embarrass their own offspring. The most popular antic is sharing embarrassing stories from their kids’ childhood (50%), while 40% admit to giving their child a big wet kiss in public and even copying their child’s tantrum in public to make them stop.

My Worst Uncomfortable Moment

My worst moment was so uncomfortable and embarrassing. I have three boys and we had a tricky situation to deal with when Dylan was 5, Josh 3 and Jack was little baby. I was called into school for a talk with the teacher about something Dylan had done. This is never a good thing and I was already fearing what might have happened. I was worried about being told off as well as Dylan!

I had Jack strapped onto me in the baby carrier and Josh was brought along, he had not been toilet trained for very long, there is a clue to what happened next. The teacher, whom I was always a little bit scared of, proceeded to share her disappointment of Dylan who had tripped someone up in the playground at lunchtime.

Josh who was three, then proceeded to tell the teacher that she was scary and then did a wee all over the classroom floor. Mortified. But it at least meant we made a speedy exit and left the telling off meeting!

Pukka Pies’ Event with Mother Pukka

Pukka Pies recently hosted an evening with Mother Pukka in London, where there was lots of conversation about these awkward parenting moments. Mother Pukka came up with her top tips on how to deal with these, including:

  • If you overhear your little one revealing private family information, simply exclaim to the recipient, ‘We were joking!’ and quickly laugh it off. The more attention you give it, the more you’ll dig a hole for yourself
  • When your child asks the inevitable awkward question that they’re too young to know, a simple white lie is your best friend. You’re only protecting them in the long run – don’t feel guilty!
  • Bear in mind that an awkward public experience is never far away – always keep an eye out for nearby toilets and exit points, you may need to make a quick getaway!
  • Always, always have spare clothes to hand – for you and your children. You never know when you might need them
  • Sometimes you just need to let it all out! Having a handy collection of words set aside that sound like swear words, like ‘duck’, will never go amiss!

pukka pies

Pukka Pies recently launched a new Posher range with fancy flavours including Chicken, Leek and Pancetta (with an all butter thyme shortcrust pastry case) and Steak and Porter Ale (with an all butter mature cheddar pastry crust). They’ve also just launched their first vegetarian pie, the Veggie Tikka Masala with Chickpeas and Spinach – the perfect feel-good meal, ready in just 20 minutes!

pukka pies

All new pies are available from supermarkets nationwide for about £2.50.

For more information please visit www.pukkapies.co.uk.

This is a collaborative post.


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