How Does Aldi Lacura Serum compare to Rodial Serum?

How Does a £7.99 Aldi Lacura Serum compare to a £190 Rodial Serum?

A few months ago now I was asked by Aldi to do a skincare test for them. They wanted to use a real-life example of a person with normal skin to compare some very expensive skincare to the new Aldi Cuvee range that goes on sale 26th October. I was up for the challenge!

How Does a £7.99 Aldi Lacura Serum compare to a £190 Rodial Serum?

Each stage of the test required photos, so I took a photo of my makeup less skin before any products. I then used the expensive product, Rodial £190 Serum, for one week. Then I used the Cuvee much cheaper product for one week.

The report and and my findings was to appear in the Daily Mail, which went live mid October!

Here is what I found, with before and after pictures. See what you think of my skin after.

Current Skincare regime

My current skincare regime is not that great, I must be honest. I am one of those people who, shock horror, leaves their make up on before going to sleep! In the morning, I wash my face in the shower with a face wash and then pop on a bit of moisturiser.

aldi lacura serum
My face before any products tested. Before the trial began

I am lucky with my skin it is unblemished and evenly balanced. I think my freckles give me a bit more of a youthful look. Alas the wrinkles are starting to appear, around the eyes and top of the mouth and side of my nose. The wrinkles look a lot worse when I smile! I suffer sometimes with dry skin, which could be fixed by drinking a lot more water. Another thing I need to do more of.

The Challenge

I was to compare the Rodial Rose Gold Serum to the Lacura Cuvee Royal.


The packaging was luxurious with a lovely rose gold lid. The product smells lovely and you can see the shimmers of gold in the product. It had an almost sticky feel upon application which took a few minutes to sink into the skin. It left a nice a subtle shimmer on the face. The smell on the skin was strong, almost musky.

aldi lacura serum

I can see a difference in my skin before using it and after, my eyes look more lifted and the wrinkles at the side of my mouth look better.

Aldi Lacura Serum
After one week of Rodial Serum

Cuvee Royal

The packaging is very similar but with a gold lid rather than rose gold. This serum has a stronger perfume smell but is much lighter. It sinks into the skin quicker and the smell seems to disappear quicker than the Rodial.

It has the same shimmer on the skin and again has a positive lifting effect on my eyes especially. The smell had a wake-up effect as well that is so good for the morning.

Aldi Lacura Serum

I really feel like the products both had a very similar impact on my skin in terms of smoothing out my skin. The only distinct difference being the smell!

Aldi Lacura Serum
After one week of using Lacura Cuvee Serum

I recorded a vlog unveiling the Cuvee products where I applied them to my face for you to see the immediate effect of them on my skin. I think you will agree they had a big impact and brightened my face, smoothes out wrinkles and lessened the effect of under-eye bags.


All of the products mentioned are to be found on the Aldi website

Aldi Lacura Cuvée Royal Neck & Décolleté is £7.99

Lacura Cuvée Royal 24hr Cream Mousse is £7.99

Lacura Cuvee Royal Eye Cream is £5.99



Lacura Cuvee Royal Serum Concentrate is £7.99

This is a collaborative post but I was fully honest with my review and comparison of the products. Really why pay £190 when you could pay £7.99 for a similar effect on the skin.

Aldi Lacura Serum


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