An Introduction to CBD

Cannabidiol (shortened to CBD) is found inside hemp plants. Cannabinoids can interact with a many parts of the human body and system. It’s still relatively new as a health discovery and is still being researched but is believed to influence sleep, appetite, mood in a positive way. CBD reacts to the body in non-harmful and non-toxic way. Many credit it as part of a healthy way of living.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Every person is unique meaning that the impact of CBD will always differ slightly from one person to the next. The stronger a CBD oil, or the higher the dose, the more potent its impact, but this may not be necessary for everyone.

The easiest way to find out how CBD makes you feel is trying it yourself! Fortunately, the compound is non-toxic, and won’t harm you in any way.

What CBD Products Are There?

There are various methods to consume CBD and each will then impact how quickly the CBD is absorbed into the body and how soon you might feel an impact. And of course, how long that impact lasts. Each is available from th Cibdol website.


CBD oil remains one of the most popular ways to consume CBD, very commonly found in health food stores. It comes in small bottle with a pipet for easy application of one drop under the tongue, morning and night. The concentration of the oil comes in different levels so be sure to check this and use it sparingly. As you need so little the oil is often the most expensive option.

CBD capsules

A great option if the taste of the oil puts you off, warning its not great! A great option for when you are out and about too. Again, there is a range of concentration depending on the strength you desire.

CBD Creams & Beauty Products

CBD Creams give a concentrated effect on particular parts of your body, maybe your hands or a sore back. CBD beauty products also works harmoniously alongside many skincare products including moisturiser, eye creams, night creams, lip creams and hand creams.

We all want healthy skin and the key to great skin is hydration and good beauty products. Cibdol have a brilliant range of products, expertly formulated to work with your body, restoring balance to your face, neck, hands, and feet.

CBD supplements

CBD can be combined with many other natural ingredients as part of a supplement. This is great as you then get many benefits from the combined supplement. There are many supplements available including vitamins, balms, melatonin and more.

If you’re trying to address a particular condition, it’s worth seeing if there is a specific CBS supplement that could help.


It is really worth having a browse through the various CBD products in the Cobdol range or for more about CBD visit the store to investigate what might suit your requirement, whether that be CBD oil, beauty products or supplements. We all want to live a healthier life, feeling calm, sleeping better and looking better, CBD can be a great help with this.


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