An app that Snoops your spends. Personalised money saving guidance.

Personalised Money Saving Guidance

I get to try out lots of new apps in the personal finance world. Snoop sounded different after speaking to Scott Mowbray the co-founder of the app. And finding something different is rare! An app that gives you personalised money saving guidance

Very simply put Snoop will go through your spending from your bank account or credit card and tell you useful information based on your spending habits. I have been using it for a few weeks whilst it was still in trial mode, and I have found it so useful. Snoop had its full launch to the app store on 17th April. You can download it here right now!

Personalised Money Saving Guidance

Download the app and add an account.

I downloaded the app and added my first account, my First Direct current account, where all my bills are paid from. It was so easy to add my account, Snoop just connected to my regular First Direct login page. Snoop is 100% secure when using my bank account information, see about Snoop info at end of this article.

Snoop is still in early days and is not quite set up to add my Amex cards that I use for spending (and pay in full each month for the cash back!), but it is coming soon. There is a handy part of snoop where I can register the account that I need added, and those with the most votes will be added, AMEX was near the top!

This is what Snoop has told me so far, and that I have acted on!

Notifications every couple of days with new info or snoops

I receive a notification every other day. I like to know what new stuff the app is telling me, so I always look. My bank account balance is updated every time I look. I like to know that I am in credit. And if it looks too low, or something unexpected has hit I can go look at recent transactions. My First Direct app does not provide me with notifications, so I always have forgotten to check in the past!

Personalised Money Saving Guidance

Summary of previous week transactions

Every week I get a list of the transactions that went through my bank account, a useful view to ensure nothing unfamiliar has gone through.

Snoop noticed my Auto-saves to Chip

Every week an auto-save chunk of money leaves my bank account heading over to Chip where money is stashed away. I also made a couple of manual transfers in March. Snoop reminded me that I had transferred a total of £1500 over to Chip and it is paying 0% interest.

Thank you for the reminder, I have transferred my balance over to Marcus where I hold most of my emergency and tax money and earn some (1.3% at 22nd April 2020) interest.

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How I feel when I know my money is being looked after

Snoop saw I shop at various shops with Loyalty cards

Snoop noticed I shop in various shops with loyalty cards and recommended Stocard to store the details rather than cluttering my wallet. I have so many loyalty cards, maybe 20, and I end up leaving them at home and not using them, thus missing out on benefits.

Personalised Money Saving Guidance snoop stocard

EE Benefits

I am an EE customer for my mobile phone and for my children’s mobile lines. Snoop reminded me about EE Extras and the swappable benefits I have that I currently do not take advantage of. Although TBH I do not want BT Sport, but I will check to see if there is anything else useful!

I used to work at EE for five years, and I have still not used any of the extra benefits on my phone plan!

Useful Information and Updates

I have had some really good bite sizes pieces of information on coronavirus scams, claiming tax back when working from home. It has also told me about credit card protection, as it can see I have credit cards. Snoop reminded me that if I buy anything over £100 using these cards and the company sadly goes into administration, I can claim the money back using the section 75 of the consumer claim act.

Personalised Money Saving Guidance

It also reminded that during Coronavirus times my first £500 of my overdraft if I use it, is interest free and that credit cards and loans are offering 3-month payment holidays with no impact on credit ratings.

I really like the usefulness of the updates. They are always very relevant to me and what has gone through my current account. And I have acted on several things suggested, which have saved me time and money.

I highly recommend giving Snoop a try and see what it can snoop for you. We can all do with time saving and money saving help!!

A note from Snoop

Jayne-Anne Gadhia, Executive Chair at Snoop said: “The coronavirus pandemic has been a gamechanger for everyone. We know money is going to be tight for many in the months to come and so we have worked flat out to get to market as soon as humanly possible.

Lynn: Snoop was due to launch in May, but they brought it forward to a mid-April launch to help people like you and me.

John Natalizia, CEO at Snoop commented: “Snoop’s ability to connect people with relevant and personalised money insights at exactly the right time has proved extremely popular with our first 5,000 customers (one was me!!) beta-testing the app. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’re living in extraordinary times and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to accelerate our launch so Snoop can help consumers and households at a time when it may be needed most.”

 About Snoop

  • Snoop champions the consumer, is 100% independent and works 24/7 to help people spend, save and live smarter. The app delivers this through ‘Snoops’ – data-driven, personalised insights to help make everyone better off.
  • Snoop is powered by Open Banking which was mandated by The Competition and Markets Authority in January 2018 to strengthen competition and innovation in the UK retail banking market. For more information on Open Banking please visit:
  • For more information about Snoop, please visit:


This is a collaborative post with Snoop, personalised money saving guidance. I will receive a small referral fee of £5 for every reader that signs up. If you are interested, please do sign up. A huge thank you to you for the fee I will get to help this free content website survive and provide more free content. From Lynn, Mrs Mummypenny:-)


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