Monday Money #67 – My Money Saving Mantras

Monday Money Money Saving Mantras

Monday Money this week is a bit different to the usual. This week I focus on my Money Saving Mantras. But first

I was in Corsica last week being a digital nomad. I spent the week, doing maybe 4 hours of work a day. But also having a week in the sun after the long summer holidays. I did yoga every day, went sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, ran 13 miles over 4 runs and so much walking. My step count was 96k steps for the week…BOOM!!

Money Saving Mantras

I was fed three meals a day, supplied with carafes of rose wine for lunch and dinner and had a beautiful sea facing room, all to myself. This was my treat to myself after a totally stressful three months. I have been working with Mark Warner for a few years now who give me lovely discount on holidays in return for some pictures on Instagram and a post on my website. This week’s break costs me just £460. A total money saving bargain.

Do you know what though, you can go on a Mark Warner break for the same cost!! Most people I spoke to last week had paid around £500 for their week away. That literally includes everything. Total bargain.

Money Saving Mantras

I can’t really share much else I did where I saved money last week, so thought I would share some of my favourite everyday ways I save money. They are literally my money saving methods, that I automatically do. And I will let you know how much savings or income they generate me every year. And they honestly take no effort at all.

I went viral!!

Oh and I was all over the press last week, with my healthy packed lunches. It started in the Mail, The Sun and The Mirror, and then suddenly I was in every regional paper going and being shared all over Facebook and Instagram. Hey new readers and followers..there are several thousand of you newbies!!! AT one point every time I refreshed Instagram there would be 50 new followers! 

Daily Mail feature


My Money Saving Mantras

I have certain things that I always do to save myself money, or to make myself some extra cash. These are my money saving mantras. 

Get Cash Back on Everything

Every single online purchase I make I get cash back on. Do you know what cash back is? It is FREE money. Yes, totally free money.

So, let’s say I book a flight. I will find the best priced flight and it is maybe showing the best deal on Netflights. I go search for Netflights on Topcashback and see there is a 1% cash back offer. On a light of £500 that is £5 cash back.

Let’s say I change my broadband provider, which I do every year to ensure I get the best deal for price and customer service. I recently swopped from Talk Talk to Virgin. I clicked on Virgin Media cash back offer deal of £35 per month (the same price as if I went direct to Virgin) and got extra cash back of £120. On top of the £35 per month deal.

Just set yourself up an account with TopCashBack and grab yourself a free £5 Tesco e-giftcard in the meantime. Just make sure you remember to buy EVERYTHING online by starting at Topcashback and then clicking through to buy.

I earn around £500 per year in cash back from this. Mostly from switching insurance, broadband, mobile phones, booking holidays, parking.

If you click on the links in this section to sign up, both you and I will get a referral payment. Thank you.

The American Express card Cash Back Booster

Another way of getting free cash back is using my American Express card. I use this card for all my monthly spending, groceries, petrol, clothes, eating out and ensure that I pay the balance IN FULL every month.

American Express pays me a small cash back amount for all my spending, of around 1%, there is a three-month boost when you first take out the card. This builds up over the year depending on how much you of course spend each month. The bonus is paid once a year on your anniversary of owning the card. I received £300 as a credit in April of this year!

There is an annual fee to pay after the first year, but I more than make up for this with my cashback. Click on the links to apply for your card, via my refer a friend link.

KidsPass to Save on Fun with the Children

The boys and I love going to cinema and treating ourselves to a film. We go normally once a month sometimes more depending on spare time and if there is a decent film out. I pay £2.99 per month for KidsPass membership which gets us 40% of cinema tickets at any time of the day. This normally saves us around £15 for each cinema trip for 1 adult and 3 children.

There is also money off food and days out as well. Current food offers include 20% off in Prezzo, 25% off in Frankie & Benny’s or kids eat free in Thaikun and Giraffe. The offers change regularly so you can always find somewhere nice to eat and grab a discount.

Click on the Kidspass highlighted links to sign up and get your first month for £1, using my refer a friend link.

Negotiate everything

I am the cheekiest shopper and will always try to negotiate the price on everything I buy. Particularly when its on larger items. This is easier to do face to face. Build up some rapport with the sales assistant and be prepared to walk away if they don’t seem up for a discount or maybe an extra freebie thrown in.

I have got good discounts on white good in John Lewis, particularly when I was buying a washing machine and dishwasher together. I have negotiated a lot of money off the purchase of a car, thousands after a very long and drawn out negotiation process.

Always, always ask for freebie samples if I am ever buying makeup. My last purchase at Kat Von D saw me get two extra lipsticks and a travel mascara. My mantra if you don’t ask, you don’t get. And even the biggest of retailers are up for negotiation. Retail is not doing so great at the moment; they need the sales.

Where I don’t negotiate is with smaller retailers and small business folk. I know how hard it is for them to get every sale, so the price is the price for supporting small business.


This post contains affiliate links where I will receive a fee if you sign up using my links. Thank you for this.


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